The Deities of Avendar

The deities of Avendar are immortal beings of great power, each with their own interests, purposes, and plans. Most take an active interest in mortalkind, and are even known to appear in avatar form and grant special sigils to reward dedicated followers. Other deities are disinterested in mortal affairs.

Deity Overview
Gods of the aelin
Aeolis The arts, gallantry, purity, romance, dreams, statesmanship
Alil Indulgence, desire, revelry, madness, self-destruction, shamelessness
Serachel The arts, beguilement, corruption, betrayal, nightmares, politics
God of the alatharya
Enirra Balance, equality, rebellion, obsession, monotheism, lost causes
Gods of the caladaran
Alajial Peace, healing, diplomacy, mercy, compassion, charity
Chadraln Knowledge, foresight, revelation, history, diligence, continuity
Jalassa Transcendence, reason, patience, meditation, restraint, penance
Gods of the ch'taren
Calaera Truth, judgement, devotion, command, righteousness, valor
Rystaia The Weave, freedom, passion, joy, zeal, prophecy
Vaialos Hope, sacrifice, martyrdom, poignancy, memory, insight
Gods of the ethron
Elar Nature, symbiosis, renewal, family, druidic magic, growth
Lielqan Mortality, surrender, fate, rebirth, hard truths, boundaries
Gods of the humans
Dolgrael War, honor, pride, metalsmithing, victory, defeat
Jolinn Water, life, protection, unity, purification, healing
Lilune The moons, blood, wonder, intensity, illusion, enervation
Gods of the kankoran
Girikha Air, hunting, tradition, cunning, glory, solidarity
Gods of the nefortu
Ayaunj Trade, contracts, wealth, community, strategy, discretion
Bayyal Fire, wrath, ruin, violence, consumption, malice
Tzajai Chaos, air, gambling, trickery, luck, change
Gods of the shuddeni
Arkhural Ambition, fear, pain, greed, bloodlust, havoc
Ashur The Void, demons, death, apocalypse, silence, finality
Rveyelhi Tyranny, subjugation, dread, cruelty, bureaucracy, attrition
Gods of the srryn
Sitheus Undeath, punishment, jealousy, obedience, decay, exile
Fenthira Swamps, Evolution, Fertility, Refuge, Supremacy, Gratification
Sythrak Srryn, reptiles, swamps, mires, decay
Impartial Gods
Iandir Earth, order, law, leadership, honesty, creation

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