Earth Templar

Not long after the caladaran taught the magics of Earth to humanity, those who sought to use them in a more martial way arose. Like the templars of Water and Fire who preceeded them, Earth templars seek to find the best possible fusion of their sphere and direct battle. Particularly favoured by humans, who originated the art, this profession has also found a degree of favour amongst Fenthiran srryn, who find much appeal in the visceral, brute-force nature of the class's fighting style.

In addition to many standard benedictions of the sphere, Earth templars learn numerous techniques by which they enhance their physical prowess and ability in combat. Their primary means of damaging their foes are physical in nature, both through magics and their weapon. They are less adept at defending against magical forces, though they are far from helpless against them. Earth templars overwhelmingly favour extremely heavy two-handed weapons, traditionally taking up polearms but also favouring spears and swords.

Earth resonates with lawful tendencies alone, and cannot be manipulated by any of chaotic mindset. As the origin of the magics they practice, Iandir is a common, but far from mandatory, patron of Earth templars. Jalassa and Dolgrael are also routine choices within their ranks, given as they are to steady training and martial discipline.

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