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Ethron are typically found living in 'natural' environments, away from large stone cities; their dwellings are traditionally built in and around the local plant life. Most live amongst the forest, but some have built their societies underwater, within deep lakes and near the edges of seas. They congregate in large extended families called clans, and are typically matriarchal, with the Eqiril clan in Qilarn forest being a noted exception.

Ethron are typically shorter than humans, ranging from four and a half to five and a half feet tall. Their skintone reflects their environment to an extent; most commonly ethron are green but clans hailing from the Nendor region are often brownish, Alenshan ethron having a goldish tint, and sea ethron typically being blue in colour; other shades are rarely seen but not impossible. The overall colour remains the same throughout life but the shade may change with age. They are stocky in build, with dense musculature and a layer of subcutaneous fat; this latter is more prominent in ethron hailing from colder waters.

All ethron are able to swim and breathe underwater and regenerate movement points more swiftly in well-lit places. On land, they may move silently so long as they are outside of a city. They may be good or neutral in alignment, and any ethos. They may be bards, druids, gladiators, barbarians, rangers, bandits, assassins, psionicists, fighters, scholars, and templars.

You can view several sample descriptions from past ethron characters.

Ethron Traits
Native LanguageEthron
Special AbilitiesWater breathing, silent movement in nature, swimming ability
OtherIn light: regenerate movement faster

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