The only one of the warrior professions with a true military background, fighters as an organized profession date back to the foundations of the human Republic of Earendam. It was here where the phalanxes which are now iconic of the class came into being, proving invaluable time and time again as the city grew and required defending. The aelin have since found much to admire in such organized battles, and those with less interest in more graceful arts have brought the profession to their cities. In their constant battles with Earendam, even the brutal srryn have learned the discipline's rudiments from their enemies.

Learned in several weapons, fighters as a class focus primarily on using one of them in conjunction with a shield, which provides unparalleled defensive capability against common blows. Their arsenal of maneuvers can manifest as powerful strikes against unprepared foes, single target debilitations, or disruptions and stuns against multiple opponents simultaneously. Even outside of a military setting, they are highly trained in managing their own formations, protecting their companions and moving them swiftly about the battlefield.

Fighters may be of any alignment, but due to the inherently organized nature of the profession they may not be chaotic. Iandir is a popular choice of god amongst fighters, for his own adherence to order. More combative fighters often favour Dolgrael, and those who are chaja or srryn often follow the gods of the shuddeni or their own people's, respectively. However, the profession has no inherently religious calling, and many fighters name no individual god as their personal patron.

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