Fire Scholar

Fire is among the oldest of the mystic arts, discovered first by the nefortu and the srryn. Blended with the ambition and curiosity of humanity, the three sparked the War of Fire, a conflict which reduced cities and forests to ash. In the following millennia, the emergence of the shuddeni brought new refinement to the sphere, and the incursion of fire devils introduced new applications of old concepts. Scholars of fire have brought an uneasy detente to Yithoul, stoked the forges of countless smiths, brought heat to great city-states, and laid waste to countless armies.

Minor scholars of the flame delve into all aspects of the sphere, learning both some of the empowering benedictions fire offers and a taste of its destruction. The major sphere focuses primarily on enhancing and refining the latter, producing most of the sphere's mainstay attacks. Greater fire scholars gain unparalleled mastery of destruction, and can draw the flames unto themselves such that they might even bypass death itself. At some point in their careers, each greater fire scholar chooses a path to follow, as described below:

  • Path of the Flameheart: those who pursue the power of the fire devils, inspired and guided by the legendary abomination, Kyez-Ralin.
  • Path of the Undying Blaze: magi who seek the seeds of the War of Fire, invoking ancient powers which indiscriminately destroy the living.
  • Path of the Infernal Harbinger: inspired by the shuddeni, these spellcasters use focused fire to torment and incinerate their enemies.

Resonating with both chaotic and evil tendancies, none who are good or lawful may call upon the magics of flame. The primary patron of fire scholars is Bayyal, who is particularly favored by the nefortu; the aelin, on the other hand, may call upon Alil, while the shuddeni may be inclined to Arkhural. However, deific patronage is hardly required, as destroyers are as content to take one life as they are another.

All scholars have the option of choosing a minor field of study to complement their major, a choice which grants them access to the lesser spells of that sphere. The increased awareness of both forms of magic sometimes lends greater insight into the Art than either alone, allowing for certain 'mixed-sphere' abilities, such as fire and earth combining to form lava.

  • Fire/Water: a mage of these spheres gains mastery of thermics even as he blends creation and destruction to great effect.
  • Fire/Earth: a scholar of these magics combines chaos and order, growing in mastery of both.
  • Fire/Void: an adept of these arts is greatly feared as a master of both havoc and damnation.
  • Fire/Spirit: a priestess of these planes calls holy fire down on her foes, rending all who would deter her cause.
  • Fire/Air: drawing on chaos itself, a sorcerer of these studies turns misdirection deadly.

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