Fire Templar

Unique amongst the spheres of magic, Fire templars predate their scholarly bretheren. One of the earliest delvings into magic after the Sundering, the srryn applied what magical capabilities they had in a characteristically brutal fashion. Humans later trained as templars of this sphere as well, as the War of Fire escalated. They are still the primary races who take on this profession, though nefortu as well have come to favour it.

Fire templars are among the most physical templars, focusing much of their magics on increasing the sheer force of their blows, without heed for their own physical state. However, some of their magics are destructive in their own right, and can strike with devastating power. Most Fire templars favour wielding a spear, though they are also trained in some simple techniques with a sword, as well.

Fire is a power of chaos and evil, and cannot be worked by anyone with either a lawful or good mindset. Srryn templars of Fire very often name Sythrak as their patron deity, seeking to destroy or subjugate all other races. Others, particularly nefortu, often follow Bayyal, seeking nothing but the destruction that is His creed.

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