Welcome to Avendar!

What is a MUD?

A MUD, or Multi-User Dimension (pronounced “mud,” like the word), is an online text game. A precursor to graphical online games like World of Warcraft, MUDs were an early form of internet gaming developed in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Avendar was first started in 1998! So retro!

MUDs are a unique blend of pleasures. The joy of reading a book is punctuated with the excitement of real-time gaming–with a hefty dash of improv theater. Players of MMOs and tabletop RPGs will find much that is familiar in a MUD.

If you have ever wanted to play inside a book, text games like MUDs may be the closest you can get.

Can I play a MUD?

If you have internet access, a MUD client, and can read and type, yes! You can play a MUD!

What is a MUD client and where can I get one?

A MUD client is a program intended to connect to MUDs over the internet. They can connect to any MUD. You will need the connection information for the MUD you want to play.

See the MUD client page for recommendations.

How do I connect to Avendar?

In your client, find where you need to put the connection information for Avendar.

Connection info

Server address: avendar.net

Port: 9999

Once connected, you will see a castle like this…

     \<|  [""M#         
      A   | #                   AVENDAR: THE CRUCIBLE OF LEGENDS 
     /. \[""M#                         [avendar.net 9999] 
    [""M# | #  U"U#U                  
     | #  | #   \.:/    Original DikuMUD by Hans Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe, 
     | #  | #___| #     Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer 
     | "--'     .-"     Based on MERC 2.1 code by Hatchet, Furey, and Kahn 
   |"-"-"-"-"-#-#-##    ROM 2.4 copyright (c) 1993-1996 Russ Taylor 
   |     # ## ##      
           \.::::'/     Avendar created by Matt Wallace, Thane Williams, 
           \::::'/      and Brandon Downey.  See HELP AVENDAR for more. 
   :8a|    # # ##       
   ::88a      ###       Avendar is maintained and developed by the Avendar 
  ::::888a  8a ##::.                   Immortal staff. 
 :::::::::SUNDOGa8a::::. ..               
:: ::::88a::::88a:Y88a                                  __---__-- __ 
' .: ::Y88a:::::8a:Y88a                            __----_-- -------_-__ 
  :' ::::8P::::::::::88aa.                   _ _- --  --_ --- __  --- __-- 
,::  :::::::::::::::::::Y88as88a...s88aa.

Under what name shall your deeds be recorded?


Great! I’m connected. Now what?

Enter a name for your account. Your account is an out-of-character utility, so it does not need a fantasy name.

Now you can start making your first character!

Character Creation

Your character will be your avatar in the world of Avendar. Through them, you will interact with people, monsters, and puzzles. You get to decide their name, race, class, appearance, personality, and background. The rest of their story will evolve as you play the game. Like any story, it might not end how you expect!

Peruse your options in the Character Creation page. Pick whatever appeals to you.

Once you’re done, you will see a score card like this…

 | Eoilian Sulesean the Apprentice Bard                                     |
 | Str: 12(12) || Race: aelin        Class: bard              Level:  1     |
 | Int: 17(17) || Sex : none         Age  : 25 (youthful)     Hours: 3      |
 | Wis: 12(12) ||                                                           |
 | Dex: 20(20) || Hit : 100/100      Experience : 2585        Hitroll: 6    |
 | Con: 12(12) || Mana: 100/100      Exper/level: 515         Damroll: 0    |
 | Chr: 20(20) || Move: 100/100      Exploration: 17          Saves  : 2    |
 | Armor                               || Pracs : 5     Trains    : 17      |
 | Piercing: 50    (unprotected)       || Weight: 8     Max Weight: 339     |
 | Bashing : 50    (unprotected)       || Items : 2     Max Items : 92      |
 | Slashing: 50    (unprotected)       || Wealth: 100c                      |
 | Magical : 50    (unprotected)       || Align.: Neutral Good              |
 | Encumbrance:    unencumbered        || Karma : Pale Gold Aura            |
 | You were born at 2 o'clock am, Nimensday, 32nd day of The Dawning.       |
 | You are getting hungry.                                                  |
 | You are charming.                                                        |
 | You are well-versed in the ancient lore.                                 |

This is your score. You can access it again later by typing ‘score’.

You will be asked if you are satisfied with your character. Typing ‘yes’ now will bring your character into existence. You will be locked out of the creation process, so make sure you’re ready!

The School of Heroes

You will enter the game in the tutorial area. It is mostly, but not entirely, safe. Explore as you please. You will be provided with instructions about various aspects of playing the game, and you will be rewarded for completing small tests along the way.

Read the signs. Look before you enter any portals–they might lead out of the school!

Playing With Other Players

How do I play with my friends?

They will need to get a MUD client, connect to Avendar, and create a character of their own. You will both need to be logged on at the same time to play together.

Okay, how do I find my friends?

The ‘who’ command will give you a list of player characters who are online now.

The ‘where’ command will show you if any player characters are in the same area as you.

How do I talk?

There are several communication channels in Avendar.


Everyone in the same room as you can hear what you say, as long as they are awake.


Everyone in the same area as you can hear what you yell, even when they are asleep.

tell (person)

One person will hear what you tell them, as long as they are awake. You can use tell from any distance!


The people in your group can hear you, even when they are asleep. Grouptell works at any distance.


Your character’s private thoughts go here. Only staff members and certain classes can read what you are thinking.


This channel is for out-of-character chat with a specific player. Use OOC for mechanics questions, or to talk about real life. OOC works at any distance.


The newbie channel is for out-of-character chat with everyone online who has the newbie channel turned on.

Where else can I talk about Avendar?

We have a discord chatroom!

I have a problem. What do I do?

I got lost! What do I do?

When lost, type ‘recall’ to return to your altar.

For all newbie characters, you altar is in the city of Var Bandor. You will land at one of the three altars: the Altar of Light, the Altar of Balance, or the Altar of Darkness. Move one or two rooms to the Temple of Var Bandor, where there is a healer. If you are level ten or below, you can go down to get back into the School of Heroes. If you are higher level, you cannot get back to the School of Heroes.

I DIED! What do I do?

Characters have plenty of lives in Avendar, so first off, don’t panic! You will be returned to your altar, and you will be…


You will need to stand before you can go anywhere.

A Ghost

Ghostliness is a temporary state that prevents mobs and players from attacking you. Ghosts can fly and pass through doors. You cannot attack anything while a ghost.


Your clothes are back on your corpse. It is wherever you were when you died.

If you can remember where you died, you may go back there. Anything that attacked you before will not be able to do so while you are a ghost. Find your body, and then type ‘get all corpse’ to retrieve your things. You can only grab a few things at a time from the corpse of a player character, so you may have to enter ‘get all corpse’ several times.

I don’t want to be a ghost anymore.

Find a healer, such as the one by your altar, and type ‘heal resurrect.’ You will have a new body, a gift from the goddess Lielqan.

You will be affected by temporary penalties after you have died.

I think something is affecting me.

Type ‘affects’ to see what may be affecting you. You will be given a detailed report of any skills, spells, and other things that may be affecting your character.

If that doesn’t explain it, try removing your equipment and using the ‘identify’ command on your things.

If it is still a mystery, ask around. Experienced players may be familiar with the matter.


MUD – Multi-User Dimension

PC – Player Character (characters played by you and other real people!)

NPC – Non-Player Character. This character is controlled by the computer most of the time. Sometimes, a staff member will control an NPC.

Mob – another word for NPC.