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Create Your Character

Create your character according to your whim. Some class and race combinations may be more challenging than others, but they are all viable, with three exceptions:

Those three scholars are broken and in need of complete rewrites. However, the templars of those elements are fine. If you want to play those elements, go templar!

Basic Tutorial

The basic tutorial walks you through common commands interactively. See the Basic Commands page for reference.

School of Heroes

The School of Heroes is a safe area for new characters to get started. It is available for characters level 1-10. After reaching level 11, you will be ejected from the school, and you will not be allowed to return.

Here is a checklist of things you may want to do before leaving the school:

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Character Advancement

Characters advance by acquiring experience points (xp). You will automatically gain a level when you have enough xp. A new level gives you more hit points, mana, and moves, as well as practice points, trains, and access to higher level skills.

Where to rank

The following areas have plenty of mobs for you to kill. Choose based on your character’s level and alignment.

Levels 10-20

  • Var Bandor docks (townsfolk of various alignments)
  • Chaja caves (neutral cave creatures, good miners, and evil chaja)
  • Jasa Lake (neutral young srryn)
  • Eril (good townsfolk)
  • Lithling Freehold (neutral creatures, good farmers, evil srryn)
  • Merchant Headquarters (merchants of various alignments)

Special mention:

The Clockmaker’s Mansion has a mysterious story and puzzles. Xp and other rewards can be earned by solving its mysteries. Unlike most areas, it locks PCs out after level 20.

Levels 20-30

  • Qilarn (evil spiders and shura)
  • Krilin (good townsfolk)
  • Griffin aerie (good griffins)
  • Kor Thrandir (good soldiers and archers)
  • Gogoth City (aggressive, evil zombies)
  • Earendam (trio at the Arien Way Inn)
  • Kholis (neutral nefortu townsfolk)
  • The Savannah (neutral creatures)

Levels 30-40

  • Lidraeu undersea (neutral creatures)
  • Kkhilgh tunnels (neutral bugs)
  • Var Bandor (neutral Iron street merchants)
  • Griffin aerie (good griffins and humans)
  • Rahh-Nefor (evil nefortu and neutral granite drakes)

Levels 40-51

  • Gogoth Palace (aggressive, evil zombies)
  • City and Temple of Yithoul (evil shuddeni)
  • Titan Palace (evil demons and good courtiers)
  • Kor Thrandir (good swordmasters and spirit students)

Super mobs are harder to kill but grant much more xp. Bring a group of friends levels 40-50 to tackle these.

  • Ghaunda (evil demon) in the Fens
  • Ancient griffin (good creature) in the Griffin aerie
  • Ancient srorsian (neutral creature) in the Mlejian Mountains
  • Baron Krilin (good town leader) in Krilin Fortress
  • High kkhilgh (neutral bug) in Kkhilgh tunnels
  • Siyyad Khil’ayum (evil demon) in Titan Palace

There are many more places to go and things to kill! Explore freely–and at your own risk. While you may go most places at any level, the residents may be aggressive and more powerful than you. Be ready to flee and recall!

Quests & Tasks

In addition to killing things, you can gain xp and other rewards by completing tasks. Look for NPCs marked with a green exclamation point (!). Not all quests are highlighted this way (sorry, we’re working on it).

The Quests and Tasks page lists who offers such things, where to find them, and any qualifications you may need.