Your presence here is a privilege, not a right. Violations of the rules
listed below will result in loss of privileges. You are responsible for
knowing these rules and the contents of any help files mentioned here.



is forbidden, and will result in loss of your characters.
Accomplices will be punished. See MULTICHAR below for more information.
The following are examples of multiplay:

  • Helping your own characters with other characters you own. This includes
    dying with one character, then coming on with another to loot the corpse
    or altar, as well as dropping items or selling items and then getting or
    buying them with another of your characters.
  • Mixing character knowledge (character A cannot know things only character
    B would know).
  • Playing two characters concurrently that know each other or are related.
  • Using knowledge from one character to benefit another.
  • Multiple concurrent logins.


is mandatory. OOC speech is not allowed outside of the
OOC channel. Read HELP ROLEPLAYING to learn what this is all about…

Help Roleplaying
When you come to the world of Avendar, it's a world where role-playing
is not only encouraged, it's required. This means that in any situation
that presents itself to you here, you should do your best to see and
react as an actual person from Avendar would react.This means that you
shouldn't spend your time discussing the real world, but instead
attempting to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fantasy role-playing
environment. Think of yourself as an actor, playing a master role in a
great drama. We guarantee this is even more fun than just playing a
'numbers game'. 

For more guidelines, consult the ROLEPLAYING GUIDELINES help file.

For more help on this subject, also see the helps on:


should not be abused in the game. This includes
things like telling people to log onto a character because you are in a
PK situation and need help, or giving items to your friends’ newbies just
because you know them. See OOCINFO below.


in any way will not be tolerated. If you something
that appears to be a bug, you can use the BUG command to notify the staff.
See HELP BUG for details…

Help Bug

While searching the public release, it is possible that you may encounter
exploits, testing mechanisms, or undocumented features which had been hidden
or (hopefully) disabled. Should you discover one, inform staff and do not
attempt to use it, even if your intention is simply to ‘test’ it. Use of any
discovered exploits is regarded as cheating and/or bug abuse and will be dealt
with accordingly. Consequences begin at a warning (including but not limited
to verbal warnings or the usage of the Sigil of the Wrath of the Gods) and
escalate from there.


are allowed and even encouraged, but
must happen within the bounds of roleplaying and are subject to certain
limits and restrictions. Read HELP ROLEPLAYING GUIDELINES for more information…

Help Roleplaying Guidelines
In order to help you understand what roleplaying is all about, here are some
of the more commonly occuring violations that we run into. This list is by no
means definitive, but by all means we recommend that you keep these
suggestions to heart.

- Quitting: By far the biggest abuse we often see (other than outright
multicharring) is people who abuse their ability to quit. The quit  command
should be taken as your character holing up in a tavern, or returning to his
private business away from their adventuring  career. Thus, quitting to avoid
in character consequences of  your actions is *extremely* bad roleplaying, and
should be avoided  at all costs. This includes, but is not limited to, such
 (i)   Quitting immediately after pking someone. As a rule of thumb,
       wait until the other person's corpse has decayed.
 (ii)  Quitting to avoid being pked.
 (iii) Quitting to avoid any other sort of affects or spells.

- The use of out of character things over open channels. Essentially,  we feel
that this spoils the 'mood' of the game world by constant  references to real
life things, numerical stats, and the like.  You've been given an ooc command
for this very reason, so please use it.

- Getting carried away with playerkilling. Sure, it's fun to hunt and  be
hunted, but this shouldn't interfere with your roleplaying.  Additionally, you
should not be killing a person multiple times in  a row without a good reason-
remember that after you've killed  someone, they really should be "dead" to
you for a while. Good reasons  include your target still posing a threat,
stalking/insulting you, or  still hanging on to their wordly posessions. Good
reasons do not  include "spite". As a rule of thumb, wait at least an hour
before  attacking the same PC (unless given cause).

- Putting your character's advancement over your in character goals. Simply
put, your character shouldn't violate his or her beliefs  to get an in game
advantage. Over course, certain alignments and ethoi focus on their own
advancement (i.e., expect evil people to  be bastards). We try to balance this
things by giving good people commands like request.

- Allowing other people to share your character/password/etc. It is
unacceptable to allow friends to play your character,  as they are generally
incapable of fitting the role you  design for yourself. (And if your role is
so poorly developed  that they *could*, that's a problem too!). So, don't
share your character with anyone.

- The use of bots or elaborate scripts. Any PC that we find busily  performing
actions while no one's at the keyboard will be denied.

- While there tends to be a good deal of violent action in epic  fantasy
adventure, most players are not here to experience vicarious sexual assault or
harrasment. Thus rape, genital mutilation, necrophilia, and other types of
sexual violence should not be acted  out without the express OOC consent of
all involved--participants *and* bystanders.

- Similarly, there are no circumstances under which depictions of pedophilia
are ever appropriate. Regardless of player consent, any such acts will
result in character denial and potentially banning from the game.

Violating any of the above may be grounds for disciplinary action on behalf of
the imm staff. While we recognize there may be certain subjective and vague
areas in roleplaying the sort of rich and complicated characters we like to
see, we will be vigilant for gross violations of the rules and the above
guidelines (particularly things like abuse of the quit command). Try your
best to get a coherent description for your character, and to get a feel for
what your character would do in a given situation, and you should do fine.


less than 15 minutes after an attempt was made upon
you or after looting a corpse, or less than 30 minutes after you initiated a
PK attempt is poor sportsmanship and roleplay, and a pattern of this
behaviour will not be tolerated. Even if you observe the 15/30 minute waiting
period, you may still be called up if you display a pattern of ASAP quit-outs.

If circumstances arise when this is not possible (sometimes RL does intrude),
you should notify the other player(s) involved via OOC to inform them. But
such situations should be rare exceptions, not the rule, as stated above.


are required for all characters: a complete
description by level 10, and a complete background by level 25.

Backgrounds should be free of violent sexual content, explicitly-depicted or not.
If you have a question as to whether something is acceptable, please err on the
side of caution, and leave it out.

It is never acceptable to have a placeholder in your background or description.
This includes but is not limited to “.”, “space”, “will have this soon”, and so on.
Consequences for violating this begin at requiring the offender to clear the
placeholder and escalate. Repeated offenders may be forbidden to play until
the background is inserted. If you are made to clear your background and continue
leveling tasks after this has been done, you will be removed from play.

Best Practice for background length is 1-2 paragraphs, of 500 words or less.


and other forms of filling up communication channels,
advanced scripting, or automated grinding is forbidden.


Each player is allowed precisely one (1) account. If you forget
your account information, contact the Avendar staff via a forum message,
discord chat, or an email to


Harassing other players is against the rules.


is permitted only if and when you have the clear and
expressly stated OOC consent of all players present. Extreme violence, sexual
or otherwise (torture, rape, etc), must also have clearly stated OOC consent
from all present. Keep in mind that this is a fantasy adventure MUD, not an
adult MUD, and you may be interacting with minors. You, not Avendar and the
game staff, are personally responsible for ensuring that any sexually explicit
and graphic interactions are legal and seen only by those who have given

Roleplay of pedophilia will not be tolerated under any circumstances,
regardless of consent.


Multi-Charing is not allowed here at Avendar. What does multi-charing

I. Multiple-logins of any kind. This means that we should no two of your
character should ever be playing in the world at the same time.

II. Using any of the capabilities of one character to benefit another. This
includes, but is not limited to:

-Transferring Equipment Between characters. This means not only should you
not log on with both characters and hand eq from one to another, you
should also not leave equipment to be found later by one of your
other characters, or hand equipment to a friend
to give to your other characters.

-Using information available from one character to benefit another.
Basically, if you discover information with one character that your
other character has no business knowing, your other character should
in no way be using this information. This includes things like
locating items with one character for another, using a mage to scout
out invis people for your warrior, information you get over priveleged
channels such as housetells, spells/abilities to locate others, etc.

In general, a good rule of thumb is this: If you’re doing something with
one character to benefit another one of your characters, you need to stop,
or if found you will most likely be considered in violation of the rules
of this MUD.

OOC Info

Secrets are an important aspect of Avendar. We want to foster a vibrant,
fair roleplay environment, one in which discovery, exploration, and
the unexpected are still fun and challenging facets of the game.
Please use your best judgement in helping us attain that balance.

If it seems like a spoiler, it probably is.


When you come to the world of Avendar, it’s a world where role-playing
is not only encouraged, it’s required. This means that in any situation
that presents itself to you here, you should do your best to see and
react as an actual person from Avendar would react.This means that you
shouldn’t spend your time discussing the real world, but instead
attempting to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fantasy role-playing
environment. Think of yourself as an actor, playing a master role in a
great drama. We guarantee this is even more fun than just playing a
‘numbers game’.