Playable Race Delicate, winged humanoids, aelin are charming and acrobatic.
RL Term Assigned Female at Birth
Playable Race Silver-skinned giants, alatharya were cursed by the gods for their hubris.
armor class
Causes attacks against you to miss. Dexterity contributes to armor class. Hitroll breaks through armor class.
Playable Race The philosophical caladaran are tall and tree-like.
Playable Race The chaja are undergound giants who were enslaved by the shuddeni.
Chaotic Evil
Alignment Chaotic Evil characters draw their power from their complete disdain for all manners of order. They are violent, unpredictable, and savage, and often believe the only truth is that the strong rule the weak.
Chaotic Good
Alignment Chaotic Good characters believe in an unfettered pursuit of goodness. They tend to view laws or rules-- even benign ones-- with suspicion, if not outright disbelief.
Chaotic Neutral
Alignment Chaotic Neutral characters are notoriously fickle. They follow their own whims to a fault, and refuse to be constrained by the laws, morality, or overarching notions of others.
Charisma represents your force of personality and how strongly you influence others.
  • Leadership bonus
  • Enemies pause before attacking
  • Luck
  • Mana (for bards)
  • Effectiveness of some skills
Playable Race From another plane, the ch'taren stand vigilant against the forces of evil.
Constitution is a measure of your total health and vigor.
  • Hit points
  • Hit point regeneration
  • Effectiveness of some skills
damage type
Damage types reflect properties of damage. Every weapon has a damage type, as do any skills and spells that do direct damage. Damage types are defended against with resistances. "Weapon" damage:
  • Bash, slash, pierce
"Magic" damage:
  • Fire, cold, acid, etc.
Damroll contributes to the damage you do with each melee attack. Strength contributes to damroll. Armor class and resistances defend against dam roll.
Your dexterity represents your speed, agility, and overall response time.
  • Hit roll
  • Armor class
  • Carrying capacity (number of items)
  • Effectiveness of some skills
Playable Race Sturdy and brightly-colored, the ethron live in harmony with nature.
hit points
Your character's health. Don't let it get down to zero! You will die. HP recovers naturally over time. Rest or sleep to improve recovery rate.
Determines how likely you are to hit with your melee attacks. . Dexterity contributes to hit roll, and Armor class defends against it.
Playable Race Diverse and plentiful, humans control much of the surface world.
Immortal. A member of Avendar staff.
Your intelligence determines your ability to analyze and solve problems, as well as the ability to learn and memorize facts.
  • Mana (primary contributor)
  • Effectiveness of some skills
Former Playable Race Kankoran are no longer part of the world.
kitty cat meow meow
Lawful Evil
Alignment Lawful Evil characters often seek to gain control of extant power structures and apply them to their own ends. Long term planning, scheming, and plotting are hallmarks of this alignment and common to most of its number.
Lawful Good
Alignment Lawful Good characters side with order and harmony. They strive to protect the innocent, thwart evil, and organize the disorderly.
Lawful Neutral
Alignment Lawful Neutral characters tend to view order as the fundamental that guides the multiverse. They are often organizers, and frequently appreciate law in all of its forms.
Your character's mental energy. Mana gets depleted when you cast spells and use skills. Mana recovers naturally over time. Rest or sleep to improve recovery rate.
A non-player character, such as a monster or a shopkeeper.
Playable Race The bat-like nefortu get up to mischievous tricks.
Neutral Evil
Alignment Neutral Evil characters are notorious for their selfishness. They are concerned only with themselves, and are motivated to vigorously pursue their own self-interest.
Neutral Good
Alignment Neutral Good characters prioritize goodness over law or chaos. Whether their goal is to save the world or simply to help others, they are flexible in their methods, so long as those methods are not evil.
Non-player character. A character who is normally controlled by the computer. Sometimes an imm will control this character.
A character who is controlled by a player.
Practices allow you to learn new skills. Practices are spent as points to gain a percentage of learning in a specific skill.
Resistances lower how much damage you take, and improve your saves. Resistances are tied to damage type; they will only protect against that type of damage. Vulnerabilities make you weaker against a damage type.
Saves protect against spells by preventing the spell from "landing" on the target. Some spells cannot be prevented, (e.g. fireball) but a successful save may mitigate the effect (you are hit with less damage).
Playable Race Wrinkled, eyeless evildoers, shuddeni scheme for power.
Playable Race The reptilian srryn dominate the swamps with brutality and magic.
Your strength determines your character’s brute physical strength.
  • Damage roll
  • Carrying capacity (weight)
  • Wield heavier weapons
  • Effectiveness of some skills
The Kankoran Wars
Lore After the War of Night, kankoran from the broken lands attacked the Republic in a series of wars. The Republic collapsed under the strain, bringing rise to the independent city-states of today.
The War of Fire
Lore Guided by Sythrak and Bayyal, srryn, humans, and nefortu used fire magics to ransack civilization. A band of heroes awoke Jolinn from slumber, and he granted them water magic, which the aelin and humans subsequently used to defeat the rampaging fire hordes.
the War of Night
Lore In the War of Night, the shuddeni attempted to invade the surface, wielding dark void magic. They ultimately failed when a botched summoning brought the ch'taren, and their spirit magics, to Avendar.
True Neutral
Alignment True Neutral characters are not given to any particular bias. They are unconcerned with morality, and disregard order as much as they embrace it.
Your wisdom measures your intuition, creativity, and ability to make generalizations based on your own individual observations.
  • Mana (secondary contributor)
  • Mana regeneration
  • Saves
  • Effectiveness of some skills