Stones of Power

Ten highly-coveted artifacts of ancient magic pre-dating the Fall of the 
Alatharya, the Stones of Power are foci for channeling various forms of
energy. Some scholars are able to draw upon the stones to empower their
spells, and some religions use the stones as an element of their rituals,
but stones may be sacrificed by anyone for a temporary increase in power
and other benefits.

The Houses of Avendar are those who make the most traditional use of the
stones. They draw upon the stones' power to utilize the ancient forms and
arts that they have preserved. The stones are kept in special House vaults
to channel this power. Conflicts between the Houses over possession of the
stones are frequent because the more stones a House has acquired, the
more (and greater of its) powers it can access.

House Powers Stones in Vault
------------ ---------------
1 0
2 2
3 4
4 7
5 10

If a House is inactive, Stones in its vault will eventually crumble. And
the nature of the stones is such that trying to leave Avendar with
possession of a stone results in its loss. Sacrificed or otherwise destroyed
or lost stones will slowly reassemble themselves. These stones may reappear
in all manner of places -- from simple city streets to the depths of an
arch-demon's prison.


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