Surving in a world with other well-armed, vicious, and often
bloodthirsty players can be a bit hairy, particularly if you
aren't used to it. If you put in the time and effort though,
you can learn the secrets to survival. Until then, here are
a few tips that will (hopefully) spare you some harsh lessons.

- Know who's out there: Check "who pk" often, and look for
people who might be out to get you. Keep in mind, though,
that there are lots of ways that another person might
hide themselves without you seeing them.

- Be wary: Always check "where" and "where pk" to be on your
guard for people who are in your area. Just as above, though,
keep in mind that there are ways for people to hide themselves
from your sight.

- Ranking: You're never more vulnerable when out getting experience.
Avoid areas that are easy to get to, unless you really want
to stay on your toes. Watch out especially for the places that
lots of people go to rank, or that are really near town: these
are the most likely to become killing fields unless you're

- Knowledge: Knowing the terrain is one of the best ways
to kill/or avoid being killed. Since everyone has to start
small, consider learning a very few areas very well rather than
knowing a very little bit about everything. This is particularly
true of places you might be out getting experience in, since
these are the most dangerous.

- Preparation: Always be prepared. Be aware of all the magical
aids that are out there, so you can use them to your own
advantage (or, so you'll know what you're up against.) Rather
than wearing yourself down for that final kill before your
group rests, don't gamble your life away by getting your
health and mana down to near zero. Skilled playerkillers
are always prepared, and you should be too.

- Know when to run: While it's true that some characters won't
run away, even the bravest man needs to know when the odds
are completely against him. Remember, if you're fighting
a prepared, skilled opponent, he's at a big advantage over
someone who's been out killing monsters.

- Avoid becoming a victim: Remember that the guy who's out
there chasing you is a person too. Learn to prey on
*his* fears, and *his* ignorance, rather than fall victim
to your own. Keep your cool in a pinch, and used what
you've learned to your advantage.

and finally...

- Don't give up! Even if you got slaughtered, think of it as
a learning experience. Try to keep logs of your sessions,
and see where you went wrong, or where you might have acted
differently. Use this information to help you survive the
NEXT time. And, keep a list of people who have gotten you
in the past: you can often use your desire for vengeance
as an incentive in learning the ropes.

The FAQ answers basic questions about the game and gives tips for play.

The Basic Commands Cheatsheet pdf is a quick and easy printable reference of basic commands.

You can also check game helpfiles on a variety of topics to guide you through the playing of Avendar. Simply type the topic into the search box (or while in the game, type: help <topic>).

Helpfile to look up:

Here's a list of general topics to get you started (type your choice into the box):

  • getting started - The basics of Avendar and MUDding in general.
  • information - How to get info on yourself and your surroundings.
  • moving around - How to move around in the world of Avendar.
  • interaction - How to interact with objects and items in Avendar.
  • communication - How to communicate with others in Avendar.
  • grouping - How to group together with others in Avendar.
  • combat - How to engage (and survive!) combat in Avendar.

Be sure to pay attention to the "See Also" located at the bottom of many of the helpfiles, as they often point to other useful pieces of information on the topic you're reading on.

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