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Nomadic wolves, the kankoran are perhaps the race which most shuns civilization. They generally will form a patriarchal society which is based on the concepts of the hunt, leadership, and the right of the strong to rule the weak, for the benefit of the tribe or pack.

A race founded on working together in order to survive, kankoran are generally able to endure a great deal of hardship, but are also quite capable of considerable agility when it proves necessary. Their fur leaves them vulnerable to flame, but it also protects them from the cold.

Kankoran can generally be found beyond the mountains to the north, where the climate is far cooler, and barren plains can be found. However, several packs have wandered southward toward the center of the realm, and some Kankoran have even been known to leave their packs in order to mingle with society, though this is frowned upon.

You can view several sample descriptions from past kankoran characters.

Kankoran Traits
Native LanguageKankoran
Special AbilitiesDark vision
Kankoran Classes
Warriors Rogues Scholars Templars Naturalists Mentalists Other
Swordmaster Bandit Void Scholar Void Templar Druid Assassin Alchemist
Fighter Thief Fire Scholar Fire Templar Ranger Psionicist
Barbarian Watcher Earth Scholar Earth Templar
Gladiator Bard Air Scholar Air Templar
Water Scholar Water Templar
Spirit Scholar Spirit Templar

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