Magic in Avendar

Varied sources of mystical power exist throughout the world. Druids commune with and draw power from natural surroundings, and bards sing and play magical music that sways the heart and mind. But it is the scholars of magic who delve deepest into the arcane arts in Avendar.

The forces of magic in Avendar were long ago sundered by a great elemental catastrophe, which resulted in the aether being split into its elemental components. Likewise, scholars (as well as templars, warriors whose traditions combine skill at arms with magic) must now focus their attention on the elements to gain magical power. To do this, scholars choose a major and minor school of influence in a given element. Scholars may choose the major and minor school to coincide, and thereby gain access to greater spells.

Various elemental forces also resonate with given moral alignment, and scholars of a given element cannot choose an major or minor sphere directly opposed to their ethos.

Remnants of ancient magic are said to still reside in the realms, but such matters are seldom discussed by orthodox scholars and remain by and large a study given over to less official forms of magical inquiry.

Sphere Resonant Alignment
Water Lawful Good
Earth Lawful Neutral
Void Lawful Evil
Spirit Chaotic Good
Air Chaotic Neutral
Fire Chaotic Evil

Minor, Major, and Greater Scholar Spells

Sphere Minor Spells Major Spells Greater Spells
armor detect invis
shield cancellation
protective shield identify
locate object word of recall
subvocalize ventriloquoate
overcharge dancing sword
borrow luck controlled flight
delusions clinging fog
gralcian funnel disillusionment
lightning bolt floating disc
shockcraft fly
mistral ward fate's door
sparkling cloud scatter
gaseous form spectral fist
tempest thunderclap
suction windwalk
invisibility conjure air efreeti
air bubble mirage
gust obfuscation
static field
Path of the Endless Facade Path of the Flickering Skies Path of the Windrider
endless facade arc shield windrider
figment's cage electrical storm unleash twisters
empower phantasm chain lightning beckon windfall
rune of air conduit of the skies windbind
unreal incursion displacement call upon wind
phantasmal mirror ionize breezestep
feign demise sonic boom typhoon
skystrike curse of everchange
adamantine invocation reforge magic
hone weapon rune of earth
clay shield tuning stone
fortify sandspray
mudfoot curse reinforce
smooth terrain knock
stonecraft brittleform
quake crush
call upon earth shell of stone
stabilize rock to mud
create spring density
anchor shape matter
earth elemental summon metal to stone
wall of stone  
Path of the Stoneshaper Path of the Geomancer Path of the Wakened Stone
stoneshaper geomancy wakened stone
graven mind gravity well shakestride
runecraft flesh to stone voice of the earth
mark of dominion lattice of stone bedrock roots
quarry diamondskin stonehaven
glyph of entombment crystalize magic cry of the broken lands
salt of the earth conduit of stonesong
rune of fire flare
flamestrike coronal glow
infravision immolation
frenzy warmth
fireball smoke
temper wall of fire
dispersion consume
firekin cinder scry
seal of the golden flames Shiyul's fury
lambent aura beam of fire
ethereal blaze wings of flame
pyrotechnic artistry baptism of fire
Path of the Flameheart Path of the Raging Inferno Path of the Golden Flame
living flame living flame living flame
mindkindle phoenix dirge mindkindle
cloak of embers firestorm firestorm
brimstone ward brimstone ward bloodpyre
aspect of the inferno blazing inferno heart of the inferno
conflagration implosion
infernal dance rain of fire
wrath of An'akarta heartfire
discern iniquity undying radiance
thanatopsis weavesense
unshackle bond of souls
unfetter mana bless
searing light lethebane
aegis of grace affinity
speak with the dead aethereal communion
life bolt leap of faith
focus mind invisibility
unshackle phase shift
absolve spirit spiritwrack
shroudsight crystallize aether
rite of ablution rune of spirit
unweave sanctify
Path of the Weavedancer Path of the Silver Light Path of the Eternal Dawn
create focus create focus create focus
ley pulse dreamshape chant litany
manifest weave spectral lantern avenging seraph
weavecraft pacify ethereal splendor
singularity ethereal brethren (2 of 9 Seraphim)
quintessence rush fugue
reclaim essence shadeswarm
attune fount astral projection
sunder weave decorporealize
blindness curse
nightfears teleport
invisibility detect invis
protective shield enervating ray
plague pass door
abominable rune
pox agony
lesser demon summon drain
banish tentacles
summon gate
cloak of the void desecration
enfeeblement locate object
demon summon demonic control
greater demon summon suppress
voidwalk rite of kaagn
diagnose douse
iceshard communion
detoxify cure critical
holy water currents
purify glyph of ulyon
rune of life refine potion
frostkin mend wounds
rite of ablution frostblast
mark of the kaceajka treat infection
water breathing heal
whirlpool create food
wellspring sanctuary
mass heal flood
Path of the Waveborne Path of Living Waters Path of Wintertide
water elemental summon water elemental summon grip of elanthemir
deluge restore vigor rimeshard
drown draught of the seas ice storm
waveborne healer's touch wintertide
maelstrom revitalize encase
scry physiker's instinct winter's stronghold
oceanswell somatic arts artic chill
meld with water rebirth glacier's edge
solace of the seas   ward of frost

Dual Sphere Scholar Spells

Major Air Major Earth Major Fire Major Spirit Major Water
Minor Air (receives greater air spells) pillar of sparks, channel wind, dispatch lodestone, meteor strike burning wisp, heatwave, pyrokinetic mirror aurora, diffraction, bilocation storm mastery, brume, fog elemental summon, monsoon
Minor Earth sandstorm, hovering shield, channel wind, chargestone (receives greater earth spells) geothermics, molten shield, summon lava elemental, harrudim fire stone loupe, holy ground, crystal soul, earthen vessel hoarfrost, ordain sanctum, corrosion
Minor Fire chaoscast, pyrokinetic mirror, incendiary spark, heatwave scorched earth, lava forge, forgemaster, forge weapon (receives greater fire spells) manaburn, soulfire shield, soulbrand thermal mastery, boil seas, steam
Minor Spirit soul of the wind, aurora, bewilderment, mirror of souls durable magics, crystal soul, abode of the spirit, mind of steel holy flame, soulfire shield, oriflamme (receives greater spirit spells) clarify mind, stone of salyra, annointed one, resurrection
Minor Void miasma of waning, drainbolt, cloudkill clockwork soul, heart of stone, clockwork golem, kaagn's plaguestone chillfire shield, nightflame lash, ashes of logor dream mastery, parasitic bond, drowse, dreamstalk malefic insight, darkchill burst, boon of the leech, contaminate
Minor Water mists of arcing, breath of life, mantle of rain clayshard, caustic blast, construct waterwheel, corrosion thermal mastery, martyr's fire, sauna, boil blood anointed one, balm of the spirit, martyr's shield, distill magic (receives greater water spells)

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