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The nefortu are a cavern-dwelling race speculated to share a distant ancestor with common bats. Hardy and intelligent, the nefortu have carved a niche for themselves as merchants throughout Avendar. While many are born within cities both near and abroad, the majority of nefortu claim heritage in the dank caves of Rahh-Nefor.

The nefortu are the smallest of the mortal races, averaging about four feet tall. Their bodies are hairless and leathery, their skin color ranging from brown to black. The nefortu have long, pointed ears which are particularly sensitive to sound, making them keen to the chittering of their fellows and pained by loud noises. They have retained the ability to fly using large, leathery wings. Due to the nature of their usual homes and surroundings, nefortu also have the ability to see normally without light.

Known far and wide as tricksters, the deceptions of the nefortu are often malevolent. They may not be good aligned, but may be neutral or evil and of any ethos. Nefortu may become all scholars and mentalists, most templars, certain rogues, and alchemists.

You can view several sample descriptions from past nefortu characters.

Nefortu Traits
Native LanguageNefortu
Special AbilitiesNatural flight, Dark vision
OtherSmall size
Nefortu Classes
Warriors Rogues Scholars Templars Naturalists Mentalists Other
Swordmaster Bandit Void Scholar Void Templar Druid Assassin Alchemist
Fighter Thief Fire Scholar Fire Templar Ranger Psionicist
Barbarian Watcher Earth Scholar Earth Templar
Gladiator Bard Air Scholar Air Templar
Water Scholar Water Templar
Spirit Scholar Spirit Templar

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