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Recent In-Game Changes

You can access this information in-game with the ‘changes’ or ‘changes list’ commands.

  • June 2019 Mega Update (part 5)

    * Missing due to reach (“the fray”) in combat will no longer lag the character who does so.
    * Fixed a longstanding bug in reach checking which caused it to never factor in the length of a weapon, despite code dedicated to doing so.
    * When a character at mercy is killed by the one holding them so, they should be processed in a less error prone way.
    * Defeating a character with an in-round instant kill technique will now allow the normal looting and corpse destruction processes to occur.
    * Echoing for instant kill moves has been altered for consistency.
    * Melee attack skills which have no damage message should no longer erroneously cause on-trigger effects.
    * Characters can only improve at skills which are higher than 1%.
    * The expiry of the ghost affect will now result in death, as it was intended to.
    * The recall command is now available to all characters until level 25, extended to all levels with the pious trait.
    * Characters will now receive a bonus of +1 intelligence and +1 wisdom upon reaching middle-aged.
    * When a character reaches advanced age, they will no longer incur skill percent penalties\; instead, they will accrue a small vulnerability to bash damage.
    * The timeless trait, instead of mitigating percent penalties due to age, mitigates the above vulnerability.
    * Enchant armor and enchant weapon have both been adjusted to prevent the loss of original inherent bonuses.
    * You can no longer recite scrolls while gagged or transformed by an animal aspect.
    * Scroll recitation now fails some of the time while deaf, in the same manner as traditional spellcasting.
    * Scrolls, wands, and staves now properly respect the nomagic room flag, mirroring that of quaff.
    * The pitch command no longer allows characters to target themselves.
    * The fill command now searches multiple fountains in the same room by keyword, rather than always using the first one.
    * The pour command will now discard containers which cannot be refilled once they are empty.
    * Incorporeal characters are no longer able to use the drink command successfully.
    * Fixed a bug in which items on mobs with the instant decay or illusion flags would be purged along with it upon death.
    * The areas command now properly displays level ranges on individual areas.
    * The tips channel is now toggled on automatically for all newly-created characters.
    * Added a new toggle, ‘exhelp’, to enable or disable newbie-specific checks (such as additional help or instructions in-game).
    * Fixed a bug with lore text display which would cause it to not show the intended lore.
    * It’s no longer possible to buy or sell items while you or the merchant you are dealing with are in combat.
    * Fixed a bug which caused some high value items to load with no value, making them unable to be sold.
    * Significantly increased the amount of time items will remain in a shop before they are purged from the vendor list.
    * The amount of money generated per year by owning a stake in a business has been reduced.
    * Fixed a bug in which the correct direction descriptions were not being displayed upon character movement.
    * Fixed the output of the factions command, so it displays properly when used.
    * Reworked the way titles are generated to prevent corner-case crashes.
    * Removed a substantial amount of inert code related to server-side card games.
    * Web output of rumors, characters present, and other information, should be once again enabled.
    * Minor bugfixes, echo corrections, and code optimizations.

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