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Look into brittleforms' resist?

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:40 am
by Anghwyr
Just wondering if the chance to resisting brittleform is close to equivalent to say, resisting delusions. There might be some reason why brittleform feels like it gets resisted more often than designed (It used to have no save at all, which was of course a broken thing). One reason why brittleform might be having a tough time over delusions is that many mobs have a "resist weapons by XX" flag, (although a lot of mobs also have the equivalent "resist magic by XX" flag, which should make things worse for every caster*). It seems that "resist weapon by XX" flag is often used to make a mob tougher to kill with damage, but with the downside of picking on earth magic non-damage casted spells as well.

I noticed delusions uses

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saves_spell( level, ch, victim,DAM_ILLUSION )
, and brittleform uses

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saves_spell(level, ch, victim, DAM_OTHER))
. DAM_OTHER comes with a MAX_RESIST of 26, while DAM_ILLUSION is assigned a RES_ILLUSION (which I guess is a standard 20?). I might have details wrong here in how the code works, but that would make brittleform a bit harder to resist as it has the DAM_OTHER designation.

In general the practice of adding "resist magic by XX" flag to make high-level mob tougher bothers me a bit - highlevel mobs are already hard to spell up as they are higher level (a lvl 60 mobs gets a bonus of -18 saves because of the level difference with a hero, besides whatever -saves it already has because of its level and stats), and with a "resist magic 60" flag, things become pretty hard to spell up at all, meaning you are casting the same spell over for round after round, trying to get it to land. It is not that fun gameplay. Maybe the resist should just/mainly be against the damage component of spells and weapons. That disentangles using "resist weapons/magic by XX" to purely modulate how fast hitpoints can be burned through, while still allowing mages to use their spells,
making them more equivalent to warriors, that don't get the same penalty to using their skills against higher level mobs.