mini necro review

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mini necro review

Post by Anghwyr » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:06 am

I only played one to lvl 40, but wanted to give some feedback on the minions.

* Minions are quite powerful. Could solo kill ch'taren ambassadors at lvl 40. Didn't notice a boost from a player-corpse minion, but I might have reached the power cap then already. Minion level doesn't seem to be affected by the fell purpose toggle. Haven't checked if minion level is affected by desecration. As corpse level doesn't matter, that makes the power of Minions rather constant (and very easy to get).

* Explosion power of a minion seems fair.

* Minions are so easy to make that using the spells to keep one alive seems very unnecessary. I am guessing that in certain places (very tough mobs, undead castles), you will be trying to keep your minions alive, but usually you kill whatever you are trying to kill faster than that your three minions run out, and then you just generate new minions from the fresh corpse. When you are fighting something tough, there are usually less tough mobs around (or can be summoned), from which new minions can be created.

* Some symbols can be learned while being in ghost form. That should probably not be. There are enough symbols reachable to get strong minions.

One suggestion would be to add some variation to the types of minions. Maybe based on the symbols present in the area. Then there is some incentive to keep a particular minion alive.

Another suggestion to the necro class would be to add a bit more flavor spells to it. It feels a bit too straightforward as a class now? You basically have one very good option: do maledict + melee + use charmie melee tanks. Maybe bring back some incarnation of phylacteries? Anyway, congrats on getting the balance of the minions pretty right in one go (except expendability :-)).