Druid minor class/flavor upgrade

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Druid minor class/flavor upgrade

Post by Anghwyr » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:55 am

Druids got a good upgrade in terms of power with the 2016 class-fixing update. Of course, people will have been curious after the split-in-three druid class that was in the making but never made it, but as Neongrey pointed out, the class is fine as it is now.

Two things I would suggest changing to make the class more long-lasting interesting.

1. Natural Armor.
You get the spell at an early level, and when you cast it then, it will give you a very disappointing 0,0,0,0 AC armor with +0 mana and +0 hit. It really doesn't ever get impressive at higher levels, and the description of the items are very plain. What I would suggest is that you upgrade the stats a bit, and make them and the description herb-dependent, e.g. making the armor needs and consumes a herb, maybe by infusing it, or by using materials at the site of the herb. Rarer and harder-to-get herbs generate more interesting armor.

2. Give druids a herb pouch.
Herbs last a small number of ticks, and some of these herbs you can only get at something like full moon in autumn (which happens what? once a week?). That means that a druid that wants to "prep up" using find herbs agains a big mob needs to wait until the moon/season is right, as the herbs don't store long enough. That is annoying. Having a herb pouch that can preserve 5 herbs while being carried by a druid (and perhaps a 10 herbs pouch somewhere in game) would decouple the frustrating coupling between herb gathering and mob fighting. And with [the location of/the herbs themselves] being useful for armor (1), there are then two reasons for druids to be out and about looking for herbs.

3. Give a hint with findherbs
Provide hints with findherbs if someone is searching in the wrong season. Something like "You see shoots of a Black Lotus here, but its seed-pods won't be ready for harvesting until the right moon". would be very nice.