Rules and a Disclaimer

Finally, a place for suggestions, but please read the rules and disclaimers first.
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Rules and a Disclaimer

Post by neongrey » Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:30 pm

So it turns out we actually have a much greater capacity to effect change than I ever really imagined we would when we got this thing started again. So I think we're open to at least giving you a place for suggestions-- if nothing else, we don't want you to lose your trains of thought.

Our resources are pretty limited all the same though, and we do decide what updates to prioritize on a variety of factors. So, some caveats:
  • We're still not in a position to act on new feature requests immediately. Consequently, we can't even necessarily guarantee we're going to read a lot of posts on this forum, at least as soon as they go up. And we may not necessarily reply, too. That's not to say we won't read or reply, just we can't really guarantee it.
  • That being said, when we hit points in development where we're going to be looking for direction, we probably will come here-- so please make your topics as descriptive as what they're about. If you've got a totally sweet idea for air scholars, say, if the topic title doesn't say how it relates to air scholars, we might skip past it.
  • Similarly, we can't necessarily guarantee your idea will still be relevant when we get to a related area of development. We often do have our own direction laid out in advance-- that's often what spurs us to do the stuff. So if you have a great idea to fix a skill that is bad but our notion is 'this skill is bad, let's ditch it', well, we may just ditch it. You throw your idea down a mystery hole for later potential use, you take your chances.
Now, there's two specific types of posts that should not go here, just for organization, and just so it's easy for people to find:

"This is bullshit and I hate it" posts

If something is bullshit and you hate it, chances are, other people think it is bullshit and hate it too. And if something is bullshit and you hate it, and if it is that bullshit and that hateable, and we know that it's bullshit and hateable, we might well just be able to expedite things. We might not. But you know. Anyway, those posts go in main. There is a lot of things that are bullshit and hateable. Can't promise to get them all at once. But you know.

"This is bullshit and I think it's not intended to do this" posts, and the subset "why is this helpfile blathering on about flavour stuff in lieu of telling me what the skill does" both go in error reporting, and please do follow the posting guidelines there, it makes it much easier for us to tell what we need to do there.