Update 29 Jan 2018

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Re: Update 29 Jan 2018

Post by neongrey » Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:10 pm

Okay, here's the compilation of the last set of fixes-- we've now frozen this release until the next major version. That's not to say don't report bugs lol, but they're gonna be held until the next revision.

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* Minor adjustments to the output of the settings command.
* The sharp flag on weapons has been renamed to masterwork.
* Skills which create temporary rooms should again work properly.
* Find cover now allows a watcher to conceal himself and his group, rather than just himself.
* Some watcher skills which did not induce PC yelling now do so as intended.
* Twirl is now an extension skill for pugil.  For more information, see HELP TWIRL.
* Lag on twirl has been shortened slightly to suit the activation lag of pugil.
* Pugil can now be used to initiate combat.
* Shortened flurry's activation lag, and improved the favorability of its range check.
* Flying no longer reduces the effectiveness of cutoff and now has other counters.
* Crest of Bahhaoth deals less damage to demons it drains for healing.
* Minor code clean-up in pfile maintenance.

* Fixed a memory leak which could cause area file corruption.
* Invocation of Converu will no longer reveal wizi mobs.
* Plant growth properly restores the original sector of a room when it concludes.
* Changed string processing for battlecry-related skills and some other automatic yells.
* Fixed a bug in which taunt was applying its penalties to incorrect characters.
* Demons should no longer eat corpses when their target has been killed.

* Form of the bull now handles its missing and damage boost differently.
* Form of the serpent now handles its damage output reduction differently.
* Form of the serpent is slightly less effective at improving the user's dodge skill.
* Form of the boar now handles its damage boost differently.
* Form of the bear now handles its damage boost differently.
* Consume's damage cap has been reduced.
* Immolate now lasts less rounds overall, with and without slow burn.
* Fixed a hang related to strip when snapping a weapon back when it is disarmed.
* Protective shield is once again part of the major water skill group.
* The balm and salve in Hakurah Monastery have adjusted functionality to make them more useful.
* Minor code and prog clean-up.

* Identify no longer shows size (which does literally nothing).
* Identify now shows wear slots.

* Falirn's quest now can be completed successfully.

* Stones of Power should now be placed in the Merchant vault if dropped at the gates of Corvalius Manor.
* Character targeting no longer uses substring searching (meaning one must type the entire keyword).
* Gate, phase door, and nexus no longer automatically fail on characters with the nosummon flag turned on.
* Vengeance should now work as intended against mobs.
* Additional error checking added to the removal of nocked arrows.

* Mirror image has a new implementation, and properly inherits altered names from character disguises.
* Lowered mana cost on many barbarian skills.  See relevant help entries for details.
* Blood sigil can no longer be applied to the same character more than once.
* Minor code optimization.
* The Clockmaker and his wife should no longer be immune to basically every common non-physical damtype.
* Assorted minor fixes in Clockmaker's.
* Sigil updates.

* additional error checking when initializing factions
* fleeing should no longer allow characters to potentially flee through doors
  with a rune of earth
* you can no longer flee through a secret exit
* corrected bolo echoing the wrong directions when thrown to an adjacent room
* flurry and harrudim talc should no longer continue to strike characters who
  have left the room
* fixed a crash caused by flooding through a one-way exit
* flood can no longer affect newbie-only rooms, immortal-only rooms, and safe
* characters who were hooded when the game crashed or shutdown are now
  automatically fixed one tick after they reconnect
* coronal glow no longer erroneously affects the caster.

* Reduced mana costs for all Nightfall bonds.
* Many Nightfall bonds have expanded, or entirely new, functionality.
* The bonds command for Nightfall scholars can now be used while sleeping.
* Sever bond has been reduced in cost and restores some mana when terminating
  a bond.
* Fixed a bad echo on activating flawed Nightfall symbols.
* Agony's echo for its skill penalty has been removed.
* Further adjusted initial construction of factions to prevent oddities.
* Fixed an echo oddity with consume.
* Aegis of law no longer stacks in the same way with lawful scholar damage
  reduction abilities.
* Bounty now properly checks the number of stones before it is used.
* Many mobs have had their resistances corrected.
* Makeup no longer causes you to go blind.
* Ilea Sirie in Earendam and Alajasi Chadirsa in Eril Village have updated
  their stock; some items have changed entirely, and others have had
  significant statistical updates.
* Psionically-active items now realize watchers are mentalists.