Update 6 Jun 2018

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Update 6 Jun 2018

Post by ninjadyne » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:48 am

* A new tips channel has been implemented, offering tips on various topics at a set interval.
* Fixed a crash type related to subtle area corruption.
* Fixed multiple memory leaks related to buffers.
* Buffer memory management has been rewritten.
* Lowered the efficacy of pummel's lag and disarm effects.
* Shortened the duration of conflagration's primary affect.
* Steal no longer causes mobs to yell when they shouldn't.
* Created a new formula for base mob stat calculation.
* Many mobs have had their hp, damage, and other stats normalized based on the new formula.
* House guards have been normalized against one another for consistency.
* Many mobs now have corrected race prototypes, part flags, form flags, and resistances.
* Luck checks removed from Zilba's Palace.
* The chaja enslaved within the city of Yithoul are now neutral.
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Post by ninjadyne » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:56 am

In many ways, this is more or less a quality of life update, as well as an update in preparation for at least one new major feature. I appreciate your patience while I get some of that stuff ready; it ended up being a bit more ambitious of an endeavor than I realized at the time. What will be affecting you as players, at least at the moment, are the changes to current mobs.

I have been tuning a new formula for mob level progression, which will make the ranking experience more consistent as you level up. The way I produced this formula was to take examples of ranking mobs from a variety of areas, and then make a formula which produced something similar to the graph those original examples created. This helped highlight cases in which mobs were either weaker, or stronger, than they should have been in different capacities. After about level 30, you may notice some ranking mobs deal more damage; this happened in a few cases. What may be less evident is that many, if not most, mobs lost health; sometimes significantly so, in the 800-1000hp difference range. I hope that this will result in fights which are slightly more dangerous (due to incoming damage), but less of a spammy slog to get through. I hope this improves conditions for dps-style characters, specifically. Of course, we will be watching to see if the new progression of these mobs affects play negatively.

By the same token, house guards have always been pretty uneven, so we are attempting to make them more consistent between houses. This is a preliminary effort, right now, and will be expanded upon as we work on legacy areas. The intent is to make raiding a less uneven experience than it has been up to this point.

As a side note, I've identified and corrected a series of memory leaks related to buffers, and some of its memory management has been reworked in the process. Hopefully this will lead to a net improvement, but as with all changes like this, I will be watching it with particular interest.
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Post by neongrey » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:04 am

The tips channel is something I'm particularly excited about-- it gives us an opportunity to feed you, the players, little reminders about things that are easily forgotten mechanically and commands-wise (and certainly I've heard a lot of older players, even, just learning now about various functionalities that have been in for years!), tailored for your classes, races, and houses. It also lets us give some strategies and things you can try. There's also a lot of interesting (well, I think so, anyway) bits of trivia and setting knowledge that'll come piped right to you.

It'll default to off for existing characters, but I believe new ones should get it on. Either way, give it a try and see. :)

Beyond that, I'd like to say that I personally ripped the luck checks out of the Zilba's Palace area file myself-- though there were fewer than we feared. Luck stats are, without exception (and I say this as a Fire Emblem player), antithetical to good game design. Luck exists by definition in the nature of the RNG, and the notion of 'nudging' it in some way or another is at once nebulous and obfuscatory. In a lot of ways, it's removing luck as a factor. No game has ever been benefitted by having a luck stat. That said, it's in the game-- but it's not in Zilba's Palace anymore.

And as for the chaja in Yithoul, as I was going through the area for the stat normalization, I found it a little unsettling that all the chaja were evil. I made them neutral. All of them. Given every chaja mob in the area is absolutely one living a life of slavery, I felt it distasteful at best to so closely align them with their oppressors. I haven't touched the enslaved chaja in other areas-- beyond the scope of what I was doing, and it's certainly possible that there are evil enslaved chaja (and it probably becomes more likely that they would be, closer to the surface; shuddeni would be more inclined to take those with them who do, somehow, identify with their oppressors) but it felt wrong that these would be. Good-aligned characters certainly may still feel inclined to kill them-- they are doing work for evil people, but let those characters now do it with the awareness that the evil is not the will of these chaja. It may still serve good to kill them-- but that's for the character to decide.
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