Wild Druid Review

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Wild Druid Review

Post by MotherDucks » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:33 pm

Hello Heroes -

I have had the privilege of roleplaying as a druid now for 150 hours or so and wanted to write a review on this fine class since it's revamp.

I find the class overall a well-rounded class that many could pick up with ease. I have a preference for srryn or kankoran as I think that their mana pool combined with the fun of playing srryn and kankoran, opening up almost every alignment combo. Lots of RP to be had.

Late game I find I use my totems strategically and keep a large stack of rite'd totems, and a stack of wooden EQ to help me tank when tanking certain mobs.

-If you are looking for a class that can make great, helpful stuff for themselves and others, add a good defense/offense power to your group, and be a viable pvp'er - choose druid, try one :)

OK on to the review of skills first, then spells.

Weapons : Great choice of weapons, I love it. Staff I use a lot to buff my spells, but in combat I'm always in form most of the time as a wild animal Rawr. Usually I use a dagger for piercing or flail for dodging people. I try to remember to siphon domain on all my weps and rotsbane just to add the extra damage/progs, etc. depending on what I'm fighting. Being able to pick particular damage types/offenses is very immersive to me and I enjoy that ability as druid. Ideas? What about making bows, even if you can't use them. You can make all the other types of weapons, and bows already seem to be mixed into wildcraft. Would maybe like to see axe or whip, what druid wouldn't want a big ol wood axe or a vine whip?

Swim: Easy super simple fun skill for all that water frolicking you'll do.

Wildcraft: core skill, always using. Making totems, making hafts to shape into weapons. Never not wildcraft.

Forage/Find water: Always useful, especially if you need food/water in a pinch in most places, even if underground. Just pop plant growth and POW who got a full belly? You do.

Shamanic ward: Very cool defense skill, all the flavors of it, works in most places I believe, having 2nd attack and shamanic ward by 8 is also cool for a class.

Invoke totem: Bread and butter of the class. If you're not using your totems, you're druiding wrong. Keep them charged and carry a few of your main ones. They work with no charges but why do it half-assed, right?


Stirge - Never use because others are better I feel like for the situation, though having the ability to do drowning damage is neat (only underwater).
Lunus - Lunus is great, not only is it a neg. AC penalty, but a great DOT.
Solan - Sunlight is nice and I have not seen the full wrath of mid day sun pop on someone but the extra blind/light damage is nice if you're not really tanking or need light damage, though blindness can come from gouging most of the time and light damage can come from a weapon of your choosing.
Srorsian - I believe this gives you a lag and a burst of damage overall, I use sometimes for heavy swinging as DPS and not tanking.
Turtle - Always got some turtles on me, good damage reduction that helps with solo work and the little heals are everything I've ever wanted. Plus you can use it on others which helps your group.
Shurbul - Fun little cold damage burst and cute floaty.
Rhos - [leaving blank for when I obtain it]
Gamaloth - Pretty cool if you like weirdness and slapping people with tentacle arms basically but have not fully experimented with it yet. Will leave for more experimentation.
Dkaakna - Dkaakna is fun for 5th attack on a druid, get that extra burst of damage and looks very cool flying at your victim in another attack. Can be cast on others too, so help your buddies out!
Crysmal - IN development, looking forward to hiding
Hammerhead - Tracking for druids, very neat. Not sure how a shark tracks but hey I'll take it.
Firiel - Great mana increasing totem to help regenerate when you need more mana as maybe DPS / support.

You'll find your own style of totemic use and that's the fun of it. There are many ways you can play a druid and I believe that the totem usage can be a big part of that.

Tan: Always a good one, esp. when you need that gear. Makes the druid class very versatile, whether you have a lack of mana or dr or hp or saves or stats, you can get it all if you just shop around and tan what you kill.

Claim aspect -

Hawk is awesome, I'm in hawk most of the time for solo'ing. Gouge is so helpful, blind them all. And dive is a nice addition for lag if you're fighting someone. Though, dive doesn't seem to remove flying even tho knocks people to the ground.

Shark is great w/ the bite. I love decapitating people for the chance and pure joy of seeing it happen. I shark a lot because of the added AC and DR.

Wolf is a very useful form, pounce is anti-flight, and predatory attack is good damage while reducing people/npcs from fleeing w/ lag. Gotta watch the moons for utilizing the wolf form's double benefits, but it's a great form in general overall even without.

Bear form wrecks, maul is good damage, and bash is fun with the added bonus of a couple hundo hp which anyone could use.

All forms are fun, use them to your advantage during your situations. I have my own opinions on what forms do what best but that's a style thing I think, so choose your own adventure. :)

In form, you can also do all of your skills without reverting. Totemcasting, wildcrafting, tanning, etc. I usually revert, buff myself and maybe start with an offensive spell, then start claiming aspects.

Find herbs: I wish there was more use for this, but there just really isn't. I wish there was at least a list of something to give you a little more insight as to what to look for, but right now it feels like alchemy where you just don't know what you'll get ever. Bless is nice but a random spell out of all the spells available. Fly is not useful at all for you. slow cure light is also not that great but an added benefit. This is all hoping you eat them right away and hoping that they are useful before they die in 24-48 hours. I'd suggest either a table of what or where, not both, to look for at least to make it a little more useful. Or maybe a quest or two in-game to help someone learn how to use it, but right now I get nothing but stuff I may or may not eat, and I find no value in the skill overall.

Totemic attunement is nice as long as you're using totems. Like I said, if you're not using totems, you are doing it wrong because you're not getting the bonuses from this skill specifically. Also, "they will gain a bonus to all outgoing melee damage while the totem is 'stuck' to them. The bonus damage will be of a type determined by the totem used." So neat, can't determine really what type of damage I don't think, or at least I haven't been able to, but the added extra damage, in general, is always a bonus!


Amphibious breathing: Super simple super good spell for swimming underwater you wanna do when hunting them fishies.

Shape timber: Neat reparation and shaping skill. Can repair all your wood stuffs and make your original hafts from wildcrafting (which are exotic weapons) into different types of weapons that you and your friends use. At hero, everything has the same stats and damage, which I'd like to see maybe a little variation in, maybe like polearm would be a little higher damage or different stats than say a vine whip which could be life-draining or something. ***I love love love the way you can make your weapons into tons of types of woods. It makes this class very immersive and can tailor it to any person's style of rp or just environmental interaction. These weapons also have some cool progs that basically act as a poultice. Some of the best weapons in the game if you're a strong druid like Svastle is (name drop).

Thorn spray: I think it's a good damaging spell if you're casting spells out of aspect. It can be very useful in PVP I would think. Will have to kill more people soon... >:)

Eyes of the Forest: Great spell, can see invis and camo stuff, a lot of things that normal nerds can't. Is bugged atm w/ ghost form which cancels each other out or something? Don't cast it after dying until not in ghost form.

Forest Walk : Who doesn't like your own little sneak! And also this is fun and immersive so you can log out anywhere in a forest, including when you pop plant growth (forest terrain maker in your room)

Natural armor: Use it all the time and it's just a great spell for your little armor / anti-weapon protection spell. I always keep it up, and the terrain gives it a different flavor. Very helpful. Without it, I'd feel a lot squishier.

Siphon Domain: I use this a lot for changing damage types, for changing damage res types. Think about and search for all the things that this could apply to and the power could be yours...

Warp Wood; Could be a good opener for PVP because of a lot of wooden stuff people use from weapons to armor, it breaks stuff. Or it has worked very well as a door breaker, allowing you to traverse to a lot of places which I think is exactly how a druid would be. It's fun breaking down doors.

Giant growth: Good reinforcement overall from STR and CON to the size wise so you can hold that huge two-handed mace or axe (druids don't get axe?) Cast on others, you and your squad will be the big team on the block. Helps with many little things, esp. your nefortu buddies.

Regeneration: Used all the time just to increase your regen speed and keep your bones from breaking.

Entwine: This could be mean if used in PVP. I assume a lot of these skills could really apply more to a good or evil druid, just depends on playstyle, as a lot of the spells and skills depend on your terrain you're in. I don't use much in combat as there are better choices and don't think that dex penalty to a mob is significant enough to use instead of something else.

Chameleon: Shapeshift into all the animals, roleplay as the wildlife! The only class that can do it. Be a cat for a day and knock off desk items, be a goat and headbutt things, be a srorsian and srorsian things. Fun for me. Great for hiding and confusion if used correctly. Will show your boon if looked at hah so it's a lot better for hiding if you don't have one.

Oak Lance: WIP, still trying to 100% it but it is -solid- damage that applies your weapon's damtype to your victim. And you can basically choose your damtype with siphon domain.

Wall of vines: It is fun for running and immersion I think. Along with creeping curse and chameleon, oof you won't get chased a lot.

Naturegate: So neat to travel all over to different druidic places. Druids are very mobile.

Plant growth: In a pinch, can make most terrains a forest for all your forest needs including Nature Gate, totems/attunement, entwine, forage, find water, forest walk, logging out, forage, etc.

Rite of Infusion: Like I said, keep your totems charged, a) they look cooler, b) they double in power basically.

Shrink: A good opener for bashing mobs, pcs w/ two-handers, and weaker people in general. Druids can put out a lot of str reducing debuffs if one is not careful, approach one with caution.

Rotsbane: Cool utility spell that adds poison and undead damage to your weapon. A very neat way to increase your output overall to certain things, and helps with keeping mobs poisoned while solo'ing stuff.

Mushroom circle: If I was unfriendly, I would use this a lot more because I understand what it can do lol. I wish there was a beneficial mushroom circle also that would maybe increase regen in the room or heal slightly, but besides just being a jerk, there's not much use for it unless you're being chased, then it can be very valuable in many ways.

Nettles: A good quietener for druids against spellcasting and music. Makes people eat mana more, not sure it is effective on mobs yet, still have to play with it more.

Elemental Protection: Very good defense against a lot of types of mobs and players magics. Use a lot.

Circle of Stones: So neat to have your recall point anywhere basically you want. It's come in handy for quick-moving throughout the world and for charging totems quickly in a pinch if you forget. I think it's a nice spell generally.

Insect Swarm: Think it's a great offensive spell for certain mobs who are affected by this and also for players. It could mean some serious consequences for one so affected.

Speak with Plants: It would be more interesting if it was speak with pants, but that's okay. Great tool for finding out about where some people are. Use this information to find friends or foes.

Sticks to Snakes: I'm still trying to remember to siphon domain and rotsbane my wood before I use sticks to snakes to grab some extra side damage. Good for taking down bosses you're trying to kill and a great gaggle of snake buddies if you're lonely.

Creeping Curse: This skill is crazy, don't chase a druid. You'll regret it. I've done it to myself a couple of times and although it doesn't harm me, I still get super confused in areas. Fun anti-chase and damage spell for people in your area you're trying to keep/kick out.

Overall, druid is a great well-rounded class with the ability to make almost every wearslot in the game. If you like living off the land and using your own skills rather than money to keep you alive, then check out druid. If you like a flexible character for any ethos/align, check out druid. If you like eating anything and everything, check out druid. I think they're immersive like rangers and VS's and I'm looking forward to the improvements being made to the other classes with the staff.

Things I'd like to see? Maybe a ranged attack a room away, throw or archery? Throw maybe. Or make oak lance or something a one room away spell, or insect swarm. Anything really. Throw seemed to fit thematically.

Also cook. Because cook. You're a hunter basically and a natural person, who comes from a natural person back ground of people who probably all know how to cook something. Hm maybe that's it really. Well-rounded though. Make one.

Also ability to make two-handers to take advantage of giant strength like axes or BIG clubs or something fun. Whips?

Also srryn druid is best druid. But I'm biased. :)
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Re: Wild Druid Review

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Thanks for the review!