Tal and Ralactiv [OLD - RP Only]

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Tal and Ralactiv [OLD - RP Only]

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I'm fairly certain that Ralactiv -- a spirit templar -- could have one-rounded me, too. Tal was "in meditation" (i.e. idling while alt-tabbed) when a disturbance attracted his attention...

I edited the extraneous bits, but kept the OOC tells -- pretty sure I knew this player in another form.


Players near you:
(PK) Tal The Chamber of the Pentagram

The Chamber of the Pentagram
Deep beneath the foundations of the halls above, this chamber is hewn
from the very rock of the hills' roots. Bluestone buttresses hold the
cavern's roof aloft, forming four huge arches which intersect in an
eight-pointed star above you. Small stalactites hang from the bluestone,
and the occasional drip of water echoes through the cavern. In the very
center of this space, a large pentagram has been carved into the stone
floor, its center superimposed with a great trigon. The symbol is scored
throughout with graven runes, each harsh upon the eye, and abstruse symbols
of unclear, yet certainly unwholesome function. An iron door, also scored
with runes, is set into the eastern wall.

[Exits: east]

[SHUNNED] the Outer Sentinel: Ralactiv has descended the outer stairway.

You shift your essence into the plane of the void, and disappear from sight.

Players near you:
(PK) Tal The Chamber of the Pentagram
(PK) Ralactiv The Entrance Hallway

Ralactiv yells, in arcane, 'You can slip from the void, I am not here for blood.'

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'What purpose brings you to this hallowed place, child?'

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'Curiosity, what else?'

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'You have come to pledge yourself to the service of the Conclave, then? Such is the path of the... truly curious.'

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'The path of the delusional perhaps. I may come to find understanding, but not for the furthering of this dark place.'

You grow too unconfortable to remain in a void state.
You shift back into the material world.
You pause for a moment, feeling drained from the experience.

With the passing of midnight, it is now Nimensday, 6th day of Elanthemir.

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'No search for knowledge has begun in anonimity. Pray you, child, your name.'

Players near you:
(PK) Tal The Chamber of the Pentagram
(PK) Ralactiv The Entrance Hallway

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'I am Ralactiv Rilbat. And I would know the face of the enemy of the righteous, if you will not continue in your chamber.'

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'Rilbat Ksarru Ralactiv. Such is the sum of your naming, and such shall I remember.'

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'My terms are simple, no harm, only words to pass. Whether fate leads us to war, shall be a matter for the future. This day, I come to study, and allow you the same right.'

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'If you prefer a more controlled setting, than the depths here, the city will suffice.'

[OOC (arcane)] Ralactiv: How's your connection today?

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'And turn you away, Ksarru? There is ever succor here for those that would seek knowledge.'

OOC, in arcane, to Ralactiv: It's better than usual. I have only about 30-40 minutes before I have to run, though.

[OOC (arcane)] Ralactiv: It's cool, gives us a starting point for hopefully good debates in the future

You are using:
<worn on finger> a ring crafted from dull golden scales
<worn on finger> (Humming) a golden insignia ring
<worn on torso> a fine, bone coloured silk shirt
<worn on head> (Glowing) a golden tiara
<worn on legs> a pair of finely-cut, charcoal-grey trousers
<worn on feet> a pair of pearly slippers
<worn on hands> a pair of gloves woven from blades of grass
<worn on arms> a pair of bone-woven leather sleeves
<worn about body> a pale, billowing cloak of living skin
<worn around wrist> an onyx and sapphire bracelet
<worn around wrist> an onyx and sapphire bracelet
<wielded> an ebony staff tipped with blackened sapphires
<floating nearby> a floating ball of quicksilver

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'Then give me entrance into the bowels, and I shall tread the steps. Otherwise, I'll encourage your sentries to allow me passage.'

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'I bid you lower your weapon of violence. Here is a refuge from such... mundane travails.'

Sydonus intones, in a spectral voice, 'Ralactiv is granted passage for the period of three days.'

Ralactiv tells you, in arcane, 'Your request is honored.'

You rest in a chair emblazoned with the dragon rune.

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'I bid you enter, child.'

Ralactiv has arrived.

Ralactiv looks at you.

Ralactiv says, in arcane, 'Human, I see.'

Tal makes a vague gesture of his hand, rasping, in arcane, 'Be welcome to the Halls of the Knowing.'

You begin speaking kankoran.

Tal adds, in kankoran, 'Here are the ancient oaths remembered.'

You begin speaking arcane.

Ralactiv says, in arcane, 'The depths of your race will ever surprise, some of the greatest warriors of the pure, and yet still...they create you.'

Ralactiv says, in arcane, 'Alas, neither of our heritages are without failing, such is fate decreed, by word, blade, and immortal.'

Tal curls his slender figners about the unembellished finials of the Dragon throne. He mentions, casually, in arcane, 'If you hunger, food shall be provided you. If you thirst, wine shall be poured.'

Ralactiv responds in a flat-tone, in arcane, 'I will trust to it to be without waiting poison?'

Tal waves his delicate hand lightly, assuring, in arcane, 'Such devices are best consigned to the Jhendai of Harrud, or the poisoners of the Yad'Yssath. They are scarcely native to matters scholarly.'

Ralactiv offers a single nod, responding in a more casual tone, in arcane, 'Then perhaps our next discussion, it will be accepted. For now, I'm sure you will accept my reason for hesitancy.'

Ralactiv gets a ration-cake from a large canvas backpack.

Ralactiv eats a ration-cake.

Tal responds placidly, in arcane, 'As you wish.'

Gesturing obscurely, a slender aelin servant emerges from the shadows, bowing low before Tal.

Tal addresses the servant, instructing, in arcane, 'You will favour us with wine, Mi'adessa.'

Someone declares in a firm-tone, in arcane, 'I am here today to request information of these Halls position with that of the Scourge, the plague that seeks to engulf the entire surface in a grip of iron rule, and enslavement of all others not of shuddeni.'

The willowy aelin returns a moment later carrying a silvery tray, which she sets upon a nearby pedestal. Bending low before Tal, she resumes her vigil beside the wall of the Chamber.

Tal lifts a gold-chased silver chalice from the tray, swirling its contents. He reclines in the Dragon throne, asking, in arcane, 'The shuddeni agitate, still?'

Tal takes a sip from the goblet, musing, in arcane, 'I had thought the Addash disbanded.'

Someone answers with a guarded-tone, in arcane, 'The Scourge have not relinquished their focus, the spies are ever-present, and a sense of fear grips Var Bandor, the believed next target. Perhaps you may not be aware of this, being as you remain in this hole.'

Tal swirls the contents of the chalice, watching the wine lap the silver walls. He gives a light shrug, responding, in arcane, 'It has been some pass of time since the rumblings of the so-called Scourge touched my ears.'

Ralactiv questions with a less callous voice, in arcane, 'Still, if you know of discord within the Scourge, I would wish to hear.'

Tal reclines further in the Dragon throne, musing, in arcane, 'I suspect there would be a measure of discord. It has been... some years, now, or not, since first the shuddeni turned their countenance to the surface.'

Ralactiv gazes level at Tal, then answers in a softer voice, in arcane, 'The Scourge were quiet for sometime, but recently, they've began making themselves better known. A company of chaja were dispatched not too long ago, perhaps less than a year.'

Ralactiv muses with a almost light tone, in arcane, 'Perhaps a change of leadership caused delay in their progress.'

Tal peers into the chalice, a hint of lament colouring his words, in arcane, 'What came to pass in Earendam was a loss profound.'

Tal concedes the point with a shallow nod. He remarks, in arcane, 'It may be that. Ambition swells in the minds of shuddeni, though often at the expense of their desired outcome. I am not privy to such insights.'

Tal pauses a moment, then levels his gaze, regarding you with ageless features, uncreased by time. He asks, in arcane, 'Are you learned in their language? The tongue of Yithoul?'

Ralactiv responds with a neutral tone, in arcane, 'I am not, nor has the desire, ever crossed my thoughts. But, with the question, it does make me consider a potential merit of such.'

Ralactiv muses quietly, in arcane, 'One never knows when it might offer insight otherwise denied.'

Tal drums his fingertips on the silvery curve of the chalice, elaborating, in arcane, 'The shuddeni word for ambition shares a common stem with the word for strategy. It would seem they enter this life with advance knowledge of scheming.'

Tal continues, in arcane, 'As such, the lull may find origin in genuine turmoil in their ranks, or it may be simply a facet of their stratagem. A tactic, if you will.'

Ralactiv offers in a light voice, in arcane, 'It would be prudent to learn the true cause of the relative quiet, either to exploit a weakness, or shore up defenses for an approaching assault.'

Tal takes a sip from the chalice, his thin lips slicked scarlet as he sets it down, empty. He allows his hand to linger on the stem, curling about the exquisite metalwork.

Tal concurs with a light nod, his fingers wrapped about the chalice stem. He offers, in arcane, 'Or failing that, to afford no slippage in vigilance against what might follow.'

Ralactiv offers a solemn nod.

Tal states, matter-of-factly, yet forebodingly, as though repeating a prophecy, in arcane, 'Suffering would follow the installation of the shuddeni in these light-touched parts. This much is assured.'

Tal, he says, in arcane, 'I think this shall not be the last time I know these halls. We shall see what way in the future. For now, I've had enough.'

Tal responds calmly, watching as an aelin serving replenishes his chalice, in arcane, 'You shall need avail yourself of Our hospitality, the next time.'

Ralactiv finishes in a almost dark tone, in arcane, 'The Scourge will be resisted each step, their rampages end, and barring that, then may Jolinn welcome me into the realm of spirits.'

Ralactiv offers a curt nod.

Tal lifts the glass to his mid-chest, intoning, in arcane, 'As you have come, then, Rilbit Ksarru, go now. Go and return.'

Ralactiv says, in arcane, 'Aye, I shall indulge the next I pass this way.'

You give a potion of transportation to Ralactiv.

Ralactiv nods.

Ralactiv quaffs a potion of transportation.
Ralactiv disappears.

You stand up.

You tell Ralactiv, in arcane, 'Clarity embrace you, child, until next you come to Knowledge.'

OOC, in arcane, to Ralactiv: I enjoyed that, thanks.