Syeirah Yurinn née Ksankarra, Archmage of the Silver Veil

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Syeirah Yurinn née Ksankarra, Archmage of the Silver Veil

Post by Thayet » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:02 pm

After a lot of faffing about, at the end of January 2018 I decided to give Avendar a real try and rolled up my first serious character. In deference to my love of small cute-ugly things, I made a shuddeni after being warned this involved difficult roleplay. In further deference to my love of overcomplicated and opaque systems in MUDs, I made a Void Scholar after being warned this was one of if not the most complex class in the game. Thus several mistakes were made, and Syeirah was born.

I actually liked it a lot.

I didn't have a solid concept for Syeirah going in beyond her being an anxious, conflict-averse opportunist that believed in the power of contracts. I let the people she encountered shape where she went from there with the most obviously influential being Enaajj, who unsubtly strongarmed via ultimatum Syeirah into Shunned after she very early on was given Anakhra's heart-stone and entire remaining stockpile of alchemy potions. These things painted a big complicated target on her back and I spent a good chunk of the character's early life dealing with the consequences and people like Vydrial and Leolannen gunning for her, which was quite fun. Big shoutout to both of them actually for making my first experiences with PvP pretty pleasant (OOCly, anyway).

After getting settled into Shunned, Syeirah and Enaajj did the whole circling each other thing while they plotted and made plans and even managed to pull a few wild things off. Having severed (literally) all her other ties upon joining, Syeirah cleaved fast and hard to Enaajj and made the decision pretty early to follow Enaajj on her long trip to the Void when her time came. Enaajj actually died of old age not too long after their wedding, and Syeirah went soon after at around 60 years old. It felt like a very fitting ending to the character.

I received a ton of help both in and out of game with her, all of which I am extremely grateful for as it turned a class that might have been impossible to navigate on my own to merely very challenging. I didn't rip up and wring out every secret Summoner has to offer, but I think I figured out quite a bit and got to accomplish a fair amount for a first-time character. In the end I think the only symbol she was missing was Xthjich.

All in all it was a very good time, and I wanna thank everyone that helped me get settled into the game and made playing this character so enjoyable.

Syeirah's final description:
Time has exaggerated the petiteness of this aged shuddeni woman, the cool and detached pride in her bearing undiminished by the slight stoop of her spine and the spindliness of her limbs. A thin and angular face bears the traces of pale scars that spread unevenly across one side, pulling the corner of her aubergine-painted mouth up into a subtle but perpetual sneer. Where it is not scarred, dense but faded tattoos of sinuous black glyphs crawl over the paper-thin folds of her cinereous-hued skin down to the tips of slender and carefully manicured fingers. Spicy and bitter hints of myrrh waft from the faint sheen of oil coating her body, all but masking the subtle but persistent reek of singed bone and old blood.