Instant death to weather from full health to everyone logged into the mud?? [resolved for now]

A good place to stick that typo you found.
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Instant death to weather from full health to everyone logged into the mud?? [resolved for now]

Post by Ghostey » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:34 pm

So, I was messing around with a lowbie, passing the time, when I suddenly croacked from full health due to sweltering heat in Inessa of all places. After sending a few OOC's I found out that it happened to everyone, at the same time, across the board. Then, to top that off, the wind was so bad after I died that I couldn't move a room without being blown all over by the winds.

<316/316hp 304/304mana 154/226move 8:30 4653tnl city/light> e

The wind picks up, blowing from the north.
The sweltering heat obliterates you!
You have been KILLED!!
You have returned as a ghost, for the moment.

<32/220hp 35/240mana 183/183move 9:00 4653tnl inside/light> e
Nah... You feel too relaxed...

That's some serious bugginess, and it makes it almost impossible to play if the weather just instantly kills you whenever it pleases.
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Post by Kudrov » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:01 pm

I can confirm that the sweltering heat is doing enough damage to kill a fully geared hero in one tick. It's pretty much forcing everyone to stay indoors or instantly die a terrible death.
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Post by Lurker » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:40 pm

Aand I lost my sigil, just like that...

<347hp 449ma 248mv> <4104>s
Center Square
A burbling fountain dominates the center of the square. The fountain is
made of gray marble veined with blue. Large sculptures of dancing otters
and leaping trout, gazing skyward and spouting water from their mouths, sit
within the circular basin. The rim of the basin appears designed for
seating, but is sprinkled with water. The square is mortared with rounded
cobblestone radiating outwards from the fountain. The sounds and smells of
the market and other popular locales nearby mingle in the air.

[Exits: north east south west]
A large marble fountain gurgles peacefully here.
A nefortu peddler stands in a corner of the square, his goods on a tray before him.
A grey pigeon walks about tentatively, looking for scraps of food.
A soldier of the Var Bandor Guard stands here.
A soldier of the Var Bandor Guard stands here.

<347hp 449ma 247mv> <4104>
The freezing cold obliterates you!

NOTE: After this and any death, you will experience some time as a ghost.
In this state, you can interact only minimally with the world or other characters.
However, during this time, you may safely return to your corpse and retrieve the items
you had. If you know how to reach your corpse, this should be your first course of
action. If you don't, your items may still return to your recall altar after awhile,
assuming no one has stolen them.

You should seek out a healer, and attempt to resurrect within the next 20 RL minutes
by typing 'heal resurrect'. If adequate time has transpired since your demise,
you will resume your normal form. Make sure you resurrect within that time frame
for if you linger in your ghostly form too long, you may find your spirit more apt
to journey away from this plane. See 'help DEATH' for more.

You have been KILLED!!
You have returned as a ghost, for the moment.
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Post by neongrey » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:32 am

Okay, seems to be taken care of for now; when I get a hold of ninja next I'll see if he has time to look into what an actual cause might be.