Rules for Error Reporting ***READ BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING***

A good place to stick that typo you found.
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Rules for Error Reporting ***READ BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING***

Post by neongrey » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:01 am

Should any of this change, so will this post.

Reporting errors

The absolute best way to report a bug or a typo is within the game. You can do this as follows:
In the room where you encountered the bug, type:
bug <description of the bug>

For a typo:
In the room where you encountered the typo, type:
typo: <the sentence containing the typo>

In neither case do you need to describe what the behaviour or text should be. These commands work best short and sweet.

However, what if you forget where it happened? What if you only remembered to report this bug after you've quit out? That's what this subforum is for.

How to use this subforum

- Start by creating a new thread.
The topic of this thread should clearly state if it is a bug or a typo, and describe where you encountered it.

- In the body of post, please describe the bug or typo.

- A staff member will come by and do one of the following things:
* They might state that the error has been fixed, and mark the problem as solved.
* They might state that the error will not be fixed, and mark the problem as solved.
* They might state that the error is being fixed, and leave the problem open, then return to mark it solved later.
* They might ask for clarification about the bug, and wait for response.

- Unless they ask for your clarification, nothing further will be needed of you.

This is not a discussion subforum. If you want to discuss anything contained herein, please discuss it in a different subforum. This format is being used to organize reports and failure to abide by this format will result in reports getting lost. As we cannot guarantee timely fixes at this time, it is critical that this organization format be adhered to. In particular:

- Reply to a thread you did not create.
- Reply to a thread after a staff member has responded, unless they are asking for clarification.

Failure to adhere to this format will result in having access to this subforum revoked. This is the only warning.


Much as game rules should be kept in the game, this one needs to be clarified in particular: with the current build of the game having known crash bugs, and with no ETA on them being fixed at this time, we will be absolutely clear:

Intentionally crashing the game for any reason will result in the loss of your character. Repeated offenders will be banned from the game.

'For any reason' includes:

- To escape PK.
- To win a PK.
- To reload items.
- 'Was that crash me? I'll do that again to make sure.'
- 'I was just testing'

If you think you might have crashed the game, use the bug command or this subforum and provide the last command that you input in the game and do not use that command again. A staff member will investigate and inform you when or if it is safe to use. Unsolicited crash testing is neither appreciated nor desired, and will result in your removal from the game.

All suggestions go to the Suggestions Forum!