E/f Forgemaster, Nameweapon Forging Broken [acknowledged]

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E/f Forgemaster, Nameweapon Forging Broken [acknowledged]

Post by Gheughnne » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:40 pm

So in my experience of more than a hundo hours, I've had some fun with my character but will be retiring it. Forgemaster is good in many ways, but has some drawbacks from some of the bugs noted and I wanted to warn others to get the word out while the mud isn't being developed to steer clear of it until some of the problems can be addressed.

What had happened that made decide this was when I realized during forging a legendary weapon that when naming a weapon, it creates the weapon, takes the 100 mana, and then when you name it, the mud crashes. I'm not condoning trying to crash the mud, it just happened a couple of different times as the first time I named it two words with apostrophes, and then later thought it may just be the apostrophes or second word, so retried it and it happened again.

On the last time, I saved when the weapon was forged, which was a no-disarm defilement quarterstaff av22, and shot weaken now and again. Though pretty good, the crash took away the naming part of the weapon, and the weapon was about comparable to most high-level easily acquirable weapons. I think the naming part may have added more stats or something to it's creation because it seemed on the lighter side for the permanent mana loss of 100. Even if I am a shuddeni, that 100 mana loss is still 100 mana.

In any sense, I brought it to the staff's attention and was quickly told that I couldn't be refunded the mana even with logs/experimentation because the bug "has not been executed in a way in which it is reasonable to correct". So as a warning, just don't play this until they look into it more unless good reason. It was kind of my entire reason to have such a character, to make all the legendaries, and now it kind of doesn't have a purpose. Still a fun class, and will be great once it has some kinks worked out.
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Re: E/f Forgemaster, Nameweapon Forging Broken [acknowledged]

Post by neongrey » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:53 pm

Due to the nature of the implementation of this class, it is not possible to refund losses created by the use of this ability, but the report is acknowledged for when we are able to resume development. Pretty much everything implented recently before the downtime is at-your-own-risk and classes like this are at the cutting edge of that. Locking this for now so it doesn't become a general catch-all; I see several different bugs converging here so more going on in the topic will muddy this issue.