Ranged skills should not require a direction

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Ranged skills should not require a direction

Post by Wendell » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:28 am

If I remember correctly, and archery has not changed, then it only required a target and it searched first your room, then all surrounding. In my opinion, this gives those classes an amazing level of maneuverability, and more abilities should do this if archery can. I suppose spells could be argued, because they require a higher level of understanding & concentration, but skills like throw, dart, and bolo, should share footing for balance sake.

But it could also be argued that archery is just more mobile than those other skills, or changing all of that is a huge pain that I have no idea for. Just thoughts.
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Re: Ranged skills should not require a direction

Post by Anghwyr » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:43 am

The one thing that was a bit exploitable of the ranger archery without aiming (which they now have again) is that you can use it to find a target, without knowing in which direction the target was (just spam it, the skill will instantly fail when your target is not around).

A solution is to give a small lag to failure to stop people from using it as a cheap way to hit someone the moment they are in scanning range.

(giving a small lag to any active command that people enter that fails to find a target is probably a good idea, to stop all sorts of spam.)