Update 27 Sep 2018

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Update 27 Sep 2018

Post by ninjadyne » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:48 am

* Shield block now respects the autodefend toggle as it should.
* Lowered the disarm rate of nerve and pummel.
* Grace and focused precision now scale their max damroll cap based on character level.
* Vanish now uses better logic to determine the room a character escapes to.
* Added mana costs to the following skills: nerve, stab, unseen strike, vital strike, disguise, garrote, dart, dive.
* Lowered mana costs on the following skills: prepare, taint, envenom, trap.
* Fixed an incorrect mana cost check on kick.
* Thief no longer receives: parry, pilfer, rush.
* Thief now receives: flourish, lunge, scramble.
* Added mana costs to the following skills: cower, backstab, circle stab, conceal, dash, slice, listen, steal, waylay, loot, cutpurse, relock, plant.
* Cower has a new implementation and its rate of improvement is slower than before.
* Conceal has a new implementation, fixing multiple bugs in the prior one.
* The search command now properly reveals concealed items as well as stashed ones.
* Trap has a new implementation but should function identically to its prior one.
* Waylay has a new implementation, fixing a bug with its interaction with diamond skin.
* Loot has a new implementation, which now focuses on stealing worn hats, necklaces, and rings.
* Steal can now improve on all targets and has other minor bugfixes.
* Cutpurse has a new implementation, making it a melee attack which targets and destroys containers in the target's inventory.
* Relock has a new implementation, but should function identically to its prior one.
* Plant has a new implementation, with changed odds for its success and numerous bugfixes.
* Backstab, dual backstab, circle stab, slice now only require a non-bashing weapon to be used.
* Bandit no longer receives: loot.
* Bandit now receives: roadblock.
* Added mana costs to the following skills: rob, set ambush, jab, drag, headbutt, batter, bind, gag, pummel, surprise attack, uppercut.
* Stash has a new implementation, integrating some bugfixes it shared with conceal.
* Rob has a new implementation, potentially stealing any worn item but always initiating combat.
* Bind has had its missing lag restored.
* Cunning eye and detect hidden both have minor bugfixes to the application of their detections.
* Bard no longer receives: parry.
* Bard now receives: flourish.
* Forage now properly checks for cursed locations such as the Mines of Gogoth or the Plains of Shargob.
* Aspect of the Inferno's melee damage boost is now calculated differently and not dependent on skill percent.
* Wall of fire is no longer effectively permanent and has the proper spell level applied to it.
* Ch'lonin can no longer be shaped by earth magic.
* Mobs with the instant_rot flag will no longer leave behind a corpse.
* Inventory items being sold by vendors will no longer linger after being bought.
* Shades should no longer be struck by stray arrows.
* Program flow adjustments and minor polish/bugfixes.
* Several bard guildmasters now have cloaks, to take advantage of their new defense.
* The high kkhilgh, the Siyyad Khil'Ayum, and the ancient srorsian have been normalized against their counterparts, the ancient griffin, Ghaunda, and the seraphic seal warden and all should provide a comparable experience now for high-end leveling.
* The cult that lives with the ancient srorsian is Fenthiran now, and neutrally-aligned. They're not terribly fussed if you kill their lizard anymore.
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Re: Update 27 Sep 2018

Post by ninjadyne » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:51 am

There isn't a lot to really say about this update which isn't apparent from its description. The goal was to reconcile a number of classes with changes made in some of the last updates, especially regarding mana cost. In addition, time needed to be taken to correct old/poor implementations of various rogue skills, as well as further differentiate thief from bandit. I feel like those changes should be successful, and provide a nice quality of life improvement for characters of both classes. In the case of thief, they should be much more free in terms of equipment selection, and in the case of bandit, rob, for the first time since it was added to the class, actually does something.

It's been a while since I've done an update post, so I'll try to keep this one short. My intent is to continue some underlying systems improvement, as well as work on a few new features which are partially implemented but not yet player-ready. My goal is for those features to be released sometime fairly soon, as I think they will improve the play experience as well as make things easier from the other side. Thanks for being patient over the summer, I've had a lot going on IRL and it's not left a lot of time for development.
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Re: Update 27 Sep 2018

Post by neongrey » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:59 am

Meanwhile, I'd like to explicitly call out the normalization of the 'big' ranking mobs-- the High Kkhilgh had way too few hit points (its healing prog was, I suppose, a counterbalance to that, but was mostly a pain in the butt), the ancient srorsian was originally introduced to be a major ranking mob in this family, but as soon as people used it for that purpose, it was made non-viable to that end, and the Siyyad despite ostensibly being in the same group of enemies was way too powerful across the board. So we've normalized the lot of them, removed the Kkhilgh's healing, the faction hit on the srorsian (in addition to drastically reducing the amount and frequency of the lag), and clubbed the Siyyad with a nice soft nerf bat. Some corks on his spines, that sort of thing.

This effectively creates two major options per alignment group (thus realistically four good ones per character): the ancient griffin and the seraphic seal warden in KT are good, the high kkhilgh and the srorsian are neutral, and Ghaunda and the Siyyad are evil. Fun for the whole family!

Also those lizards hanging out with the srorsian never really made much sense as Sythraki, so they're a Fenthiran cult now-- makes a little more sense, I think.

Also, there's flashy new cloaks! Yay!
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Re: Update 27 Sep 2018

Post by DawnrazorDCLXVI » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:58 pm

I understand the mana cost for certain spells, but I feel skills should cost "vigor," or movement, rather than mana. Things like forms as a swordmaster should deplete your movement points, not your mana. Thoughts?
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