Denlhor Cuyeren the Twice-Cursed General, Merchant of Avendar

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Denlhor Cuyeren the Twice-Cursed General, Merchant of Avendar

Post by Wendell » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:02 am

"I've settled accounts larger than yours!"

Well, it was a good run. I created Denlhor mainly to check out the Merchant House, and to explore alatharya culture. From day one he gave a finger to The Gods, blaming them for the fall of his race, and claiming that currency and trade were the New Power, created by mortals and holding more power than the Gods ever could. For some reason, I had not even considered I'd get a wrath sigil for this, but it made sense. Actually, now that I say that, I should also mention that it was also a slap for testing a command I saw in the code. even though I reported it immediately, it was a role-fitting mild punishment, and reminder to not test things that I could not have been found out IC. It was a good point, and I don't begrudge it.

Anyways, Denlhor was a lot of fun. I wish I had had more of a direct goal for him, but he worked hard to inspire the alatharya people (The People, as he he called them) to forget the Gods and work towards becoming great again. In his youth, I wanted to play him as a mercenary and loan shark. I went out of my way to peddle EQ on lowbies, and offered loans for both cash and loan. It was fun, especially when people renaged, and were looking to RP still, instead of just quitting their char. I originally thought the Merchant power "bounty" would work well with this, but maintaining a rough alliance with the Shunned was worth more than keeping all the Stones.

As he grew older, he mellowed out more. Finding likely allies and training/providing for them could potentially net more than a quick snatch 'n' run on a few handfuls of plat. For those curious, he ended his life with 76,240 platinum 2 gold 4 silver. I doubt this will be equalled since, unfortunately, about half of it was accrued before the aristocrat trait was fixed. At one point he was receiving over 5,000 plat a year on that trait. But it was fixed when he was around 45,000 plat, so beyond the nest-egg it provided, a lot of what he gathered was from grinding and investments.

One thing that marked his role for me was never calling anyone by their first name. I may have slipped a few times over the 7 months of the character, but 99% of the time he referred to people by "Scholar X" or "Archmage X" or whatever title they had earned. He was an absolutely stickler for polite, societal niceties and manners. There was more than one person never got another chance when they chose to poorly respond to his hospitality, or showed bad manners. And by the Gods didn't he hate thieves... (This so rarely came up, I was disappointed.)

I'll see about posting some highlights of his life, at some point, but he was not a PK character. He only participated in two or three PvP fights in his life, and none are worth posting. A lot of his roleplaying was with the Immortal Staff through use of notes to NPCs for various reasons, including adding a stout to the menu at the Beast and Bandit (chocolatey and delicious).

All-in-all, I still have doubts whether I fully embraced the Merchant role that I wanted to. I didn't get House Leader, but I also wasn't sure if that was something people apply for or not so I used some think commands to suggest I was looking towards that.

I had a lot of fun, with a lot of people, but I of course have to give props to Enaajj Clo/Yurinne, or as Denlhor always greeted, "Lady Keeper." I loved that we fell in to that exchange so easily, with your "General" in response. There was something I really liked about such a brittle alliance. Even after thirty years of grouping together for random shit, Denlhor knew next to nothing about you. I, as a player, was very curious to learn more, but it was also a delight to allow the morsels to fall and see what I could glean through the years. It was a lot of fun to balance an alliance with very little trust, and try to keep what I considered a 'neutral' character, when the only chars that 'stuck it out' with him were evil. I only regret that I did not have enough interest near the end of the character to answer insult with injury. :D

Beyond Enaajj, so few characters were around his whole life. A few, early on, really let me flex his role and figure out what I was doing/where hw as going. Kaurtanya (I may have the spell wrong) was a nefortu WT who reneged on a loan. What followed was probably my favorite conversation of Den's life, which including them claiming their aunt got sick so they had to send money home, thus no payment this week. Denlhor was, of course, understanding... overtly offering to "look after" the aunt to make sure that she stayed safe until my mothafuckin' money was seen to. It was great.

Tahjik & Namkakra were the two that ranked Denlhor, and I was hoping both would stick with their chars. Tahjik was our first official Merchant, and Namkakra ("Shushu") was a watcher that I had hoped would join Den in the House after Tahjik stopped playing. I never would have guessed how well Assassin, Watcher, and Fighter fought together, but wow. Assassin to start, Fighter to rescue, and watcher using distract throughout any prolonged fights. It was extremely potent.

Take aways: Fighter is an amazing class. Best PvE of the classes I've played, and the minor tweaks they received a few months ago were far more potent than they may seem at first glance. I can see why some people get bored with the class, but they are extremely good at what they do. Merchant House is... fine? I did not play with the 7 & 10 Stone powers, but it really seems like their strongest are 0 Stones and 4 Stones. And they can hire a charmie in the House (for around 6 plat). Don't expect to get any amazing PvP powers, but do plan on *why* you are amassing wealth. I'm still hoping that his wealth will go towards his final goal, in uncovering and excavating some ancient alatharya ruins celebrating their pride and near-ascendance.

Anyways, it was fun. One of my favorite characters, while also being the closest I've mad to age death. I created Feb 27, so the last time I logged on (Oct 3 to send a final note) he had to have been within a few RL weeks of dying. He had bene elderly for a few weeks already, which is so extremely brutal for anyone, especially warriors.
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Re: Denlhor Cuyeren the Twice-Cursed General, Merchant of Avendar

Post by TKD » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:29 am

Nice post. Though, a good reminder not to test commands from code. Back to lurking I go.
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Re: Denlhor Cuyeren the Twice-Cursed General, Merchant of Avendar

Post by taski » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:56 pm

Really enjoyed playing with Denlhor as Enaajj. I was there when you got that sigil! It was right after I showed you an insulting mural.