Task System Commands Cheetsheet

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Task System Commands Cheetsheet

Post by taski » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:50 pm

The task system is a new way to do quests, and it has new commands. These commands let you accept, review, and complete quests. They are essential! You can't do new quests without them, and we will be converting old quests to the new task system. BURN THESE COMMANDS INTO YOUR BRAIN!!


Tasks : Shows your current tasks
Task complete : Shows the tasks you've completed in that area, and how many times
Task cooldown (or task cd) : Shows how long until you can attempt a task again

Begin : Start the task. You will receive info about the task.
Complete : Once you've done the task, use complete at the task-giver to receive your reward! Very important! Do not forget it!
Complete : also lets you cancel a task if you decide you don't want to do it. Type complete before you finish a task to cancel. The task will go on cooldown and you can try again later.

Where target : If a mob is targeted by any of your current tasks, this will show where that mob is if they're within the area.

Mob indicators:

(!) : This mob has a task available to you. Type begin!
(?) : You currently have a task from this mob. Do the stuff!
(+) : This mob is waiting for you to type complete! TYPE COMPLETE! DO IT

Other tips:

- For item gathering tasks, you don't have to give the items to the mob. Type complete, and the items are handed over automatically.
- The School of Heroes has a lot of tasks in the Hall of Trials, so you can roll a lowbie and familiarize yourself with the new system quickly.
- Classes with class abilities locked behind quests WILL NEED TO KNOW THIS. Currently just druids, but Void Scholar quests will also get the treatment. Adapt or die! <3
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