Download a MUD Client

The recommended way for regular players to play on Avendar is to download and use a third-party MUD client (a software program designed to facilitate playing MUD games like Avendar with highlight, macros, and other features). The following clients are recommended by the Avendar staff (use site and port 9999).

  • Pueblo/UE - Windows Client
  • Mudmaster 2k6 - Windows client
  • Mudlet - Multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Linux) client
  • CMud and ZMud - Commercial Windows telnet clients. They have more features than most. There is an older version of ZMud available for free.


Finally, it is possible to connect via the basic telnet terminal programs which are standard on most PCs. This is not recommened, as these have few or no features and don't generally provide a polished playing experience. Use telnet://

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