Psychic manifestation, historically, has been exceedingly rare outside the confines of the caladaran race. With their arrival in the Earendam river basin, they shared with local races tales of their ancient deities. In particular, they spoke of Jalassa, the goddess to whom they credited the revelation of their unusual power: psionics. However, with magic waxing strong in the Republic, tales of unknown mental powers were not easily believed.

Adrajisk, a monk of the Jalassan order, became renowned for blending the aelin ak'anginta, the discipline of Dolgrael, and the secretive art of assassinry. In this process, he was introduced to more artistic studies such as topiary and calligraphy, and brought them too into his ideal. The result was a new study he named ginta'cham'akan, "thought creating form". Its powers became renowned throughout the Republic, and firmly established psionics in the minds of mortals.

Psionicists can control their bodies on an unprecedented level, allowing them to rapidly heal their wounds, gain immense martial power by controlling their production of adrenaline, perform simple telekinesis, and direct their psychic energy as a weapon. Psionicists often choose to wield a staff or spear, using them to great effect in conjunction with their arsenal of mental powers.

While a psionicist may be any alignment, he may only be of lawful or neutral ethos; chaotic individuals lack the discipline required to control their mind and body to the same degree. Races with limited mental capacity may not take up this class. Conversely, the ch'taren, despite their immense intelligence, are too inherently chaotic to study it as well. While psionicists are quite flexible in terms of religion, many gravitate toward Jalassa, from whom the study has sprung.

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