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Table Of Contents

Quests and Tasks

Capital letters (G / N / E) – limited to the given alignment(s)
Class or race abbreviation – limited to the given class or race
* – availability based on varying factors

Quest or TaskPrimary AreaLevelsLimited
Obtain the School SigilSchool of Heroes1-10
Find your GuildmasterSchool Heroes1-10
Find Rentil’s RemainsVar Bandor1-25
Dangerous Ingredients IEarendam Sewers1-15N,E
Laid to RestLithling Freehold1-25
Pyzick: The Dust GeeseVar Bandor5-10
Arec: Net the GopherAlensha5-10
Aldred: Recover MerchandiseVar Bandor5-16
The Clockmaker’s HeartThe Clockmaker’s5-19
Marid: Join the BanditsThe Clockmaker’s5-10
Help the RatcatcherEarendam Sewers6-12
Infect the FountainEarendam Sewers7-14
Arec: Net the Sea-EagleAlensha10-20
Aemi’s DeliveryVar Bandor10-20Air tem.
Qirnelvra: The Crysmal HuntVar Bandor15-30Earth sch.
Aid the Fretful ServantVar Bandor15-20
Dangerous Ingredients IIEarendam Sewers18-24N,E
Save Leeluq’s friendKzaya Ha Canyon18-25G,N
Pyzick: The Ice GhoulsVar Bandor20-30
Poison the WellEarendam Sewers20-30
A Book of Demon BindingsEarendam20-51Void tem.
The Rabid WolfRyarl Plains21-51G, N, Kank.
Quests for Void SymbolsVarious25-51Void sch.
Sea-Sprite Queen’s RequestAlensha25-35
Arec: Net the BadgerAlensha25-35
Rescue Lady LyrrinKohli City25-35
The Mountain LakeVar Bandor25-35Water sch.
Aid the Mining LeaderChaja Caves25-35G
Serve the Shuddeni LeaderChaja Caves25-35E
Hunt the Hill GiantsKrilin25-35
A Petty VendettaEarendam Sewers26-30N,E
Find Rskaljirr’s ChildRyarl Plains26-35G, N, Kank.
Slay the Brintor BanditsVar Bandor30-35
Arec: Net the BoarAlensha30-40
Aid Mother LajwayNordath30-40
Ralle’s RevengeNordath30-40
The Yithoul RiverEarendam30-40Water sch.
Dangerous Ingredients IIIEarendam Sewers35-40N, E
Break the CurseNordath35-45*
Restore the CurseNordath35-45*
The Bilge Rat RansomEarendam Port40-45
The Iridescent PearlVar Bandor40-45
Jahona’s RevengeJasa Lake40-45
Mystery of the Missing YouthsAlensha40-45G, N
The AphrodisiacVar Bandor40-45
The Stench CrabsVar Bandor40-50
The Mad Man’s BlightQilarn Forest40-50G, N
The Catacomb PoolVar Bandor40-50Water sch.
Defeat the Sea-DragonAlensha40-50G, N
Defeat the LeviathanAlensha40-50
Defeat GogothGogoth40-50
Defeat Haj-RaTitan Palace40-50
Reach Xiganath’s AltarXiganath40-50
Rough up DralusEarendam Sewers41-45
Dangerous Ingredients IVEarendam Sewers45-50N, E
Recover the AmuletSythtys Swamp45-51G, N
Ostinel’s Last RequestUndersea Lidreau51G, N
Zanala: The FunnelEarendam51Air sch.
Zanala: The WindshroudEarendam51Air sch.
Defeat SothmoggaTitan Castle51G
Pig HerdingLithling Freehold
BeekeepingLithling Freehold
HaymakingLithling Freehold
Crop ProtectionLithling Freehold
Lord Marledo: The JobJandiska Village
Lord Marledo: The PropositionJandiska Village
Losoli: A Shameful TrickJandiska VillageG
The Mason’s Brutal BrewJandiska Village
Stolen Srryn TreasureMlejian Mountains
The Traveler’s Kidnapped SonMlejian MountainsG
Imirnsa: The Wayward GoatArid Wastes
A Letter for PedyninEarendam Port
Help Arren SyndNendor Forest*
Help the Cloaked FigureVar Bandor*
Help the HousewifeEril Village*