In your travels you may encounter others who ask for assistance with special tasks or who are willing to reward you for performing special feats. These quests or feats are of varying difficulty, and some can only be undertaken by characters of a particular alignment, race, or class. Rewards for the quests vary as well. You may receive experience, money, items, or other things for the services you perform.

Information beyond what is listed below about the quests or feats should always be kept in-game. Out-of-character sharing of quest solutions or details is a rules violation.

Standard Quests
Quest or FeatPrimary AreaLevelsLimited
Obtain the School SigilSchool of Heroes1-10-
Find your GuildmasterSchool Heroes1-10-
Find Rentil's RemainsVar Bandor1-25-
Dangerous Ingredients IEarendam Sewers1-15N,E
Laid to RestLithling Freehold1-25-
Pyzick: The Dust GeeseVar Bandor5-10-
Arec: Net the GopherAlensha5-10-
Aldred: Recover MerchandiseVar Bandor5-16-
The Clockmaker's HeartThe Clockmaker's5-19-
Marid: Join the BanditsThe Clockmaker's5-10-
Help the RatcatcherEarendam Sewers6-12-
Infect the FountainEarendam Sewers7-14-
Arec: Net the Sea-EagleAlensha10-20-
Aemi's DeliveryVar Bandor10-20Air tem.
Qirnelvra: The Crysmal HuntVar Bandor15-30Earth sch.
Aid the Fretful ServantVar Bandor15-20-
Dangerous Ingredients IIEarendam Sewers18-24N,E
Save Leeluq's friendKzaya Ha Canyon18-25G,N
Pyzick: The Ice GhoulsVar Bandor20-30-
Poison the WellEarendam Sewers20-30-
A Book of Demon BindingsEarendam20-51Void tem.
The Rabid WolfRyarl Plains21-51G, N, Kank.
Quests for Void SymbolsVarious25-51Void sch.
Sea-Sprite Queen's RequestAlensha25-35-
Arec: Net the BadgerAlensha25-35-
Rescue Lady LyrrinKohli City25-35-
The Mountain LakeVar Bandor25-35Water sch.
Aid the Mining LeaderChaja Caves25-35G
Serve the Shuddeni LeaderChaja Caves25-35E
Hunt the Hill GiantsKrilin25-35-
A Petty VendettaEarendam Sewers26-30N,E
Find Rskaljirr's ChildRyarl Plains26-35G, N, Kank.
Slay the Brintor BanditsVar Bandor30-35-
Arec: Net the BoarAlensha30-40-
Aid Mother LajwayNordath30-40-
Ralle's RevengeNordath30-40-
The Yithoul RiverEarendam30-40Water sch.
Dangerous Ingredients IIIEarendam Sewers35-40N, E
Break the CurseNordath35-45*
Restore the CurseNordath35-45*
The Bilge Rat RansomEarendam Port40-45-
The Iridescent PearlVar Bandor40-45-
Jahona's RevengeJasa Lake40-45-
Mystery of the Missing YouthsAlensha40-45G, N
The AphrodisiacVar Bandor40-45-
The Stench CrabsVar Bandor40-50-
The Mad Man's BlightQilarn Forest40-50G, N
The Catacomb PoolVar Bandor40-50Water sch.
Defeat the Sea-DragonAlensha40-50G, N
Defeat the LeviathanAlensha40-50-
Defeat GogothGogoth40-50-
Defeat Haj-RaTitan Palace40-50-
Reach Xiganath's AltarXiganath40-50-
Rough up DralusEarendam Sewers41-45-
Dangerous Ingredients IVEarendam Sewers45-50N, E
Recover the AmuletSythtys Swamp45-51G, N
Ostinel's Last RequestUndersea Lidreau51G, N
Zanala: The FunnelEarendam51Air sch.
Zanala: The WindshroudEarendam51Air sch.
Defeat SothmoggaTitan Castle51G
Pig HerdingLithling Freehold--
BeekeepingLithling Freehold--
HaymakingLithling Freehold--
Crop ProtectionLithling Freehold--
Lord Marledo: The JobJandiska Village--
Lord Marledo: The PropositionJandiska Village--
Losoli: A Shameful TrickJandiska Village-G
The Mason's Brutal BrewJandiska Village--
Stolen Srryn TreasureMlejian Mountains--
The Traveler's Kidnapped SonMlejian Mountains-G
Imirnsa: The Wayward GoatArid Wastes--
A Letter for PedyninEarendam Port--
Help Arren SyndNendor Forest-*
Help the Cloaked FigureVar Bandor-*
Help the HousewifeEril Village-*

Capital letters (G / N / E) - limited to the given alignment(s)

Class or race abbreviation - limited to the given class or race

* - availability based on varying factors

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