Spirit Scholar

Having influence over the powers of positive energy, freedom, and life and death, the scholars of this sphere draw their power from the elemental powers of the spirit. Resonating with chaotic and good tendenices, scholars who are evil or lawful cannot choose this sphere as a discipline.

All scholars have the option of choosing a minor field of study to complement their major, a choice which grants them access to the lesser spells of that sphere. The increased awareness of both forms of magic sometimes lends greater insight into the Art than either alone, allowing for certain 'mixed-sphere' abilities, such as fire and earth combining to form lava.

  • Spirit/Water: a priest of these spheres is blessed with a deep understanding of matters holy, calling upon the divine for succor.
  • Spirit/Earth: a scholar of these magics can sense the resonance within the earth itself, drawing upon her magics to tap the Stones of Power.
  • Spirit/Void: an adept of these arts holds great sway over the world of dreams, and can grant a night's rest -- or take it.
  • Spirit/Air: with his control of minds and illusion, a sorcerer of these studies is not to be trifled with.
  • Spirit/Fire: a mage of these planes can enflame the heart and burn the soul, leaving few who would cross her.

Those scholars who pursue the same minor sphere as major have opted instead to focus their efforts narrowly on one specific branch of magic, forgoing the broader understanding of magic to gain insight into the greater spells of their chosen sphere. Even here there is disagreement and diversity of thought; many masters of greater magic follow distinct paths of research as they delve deeply to gain understanding of the the Art.

  • Path of the Weavedancer: focused on mastery of the energies of the Weave, these conjurers have the deepest understanding of the power of raw quintessence.
  • Path of the Silver Light: these magi drift between the material plane and the spirit realm with ease, growing familiar with the denizens of both.
  • Path of Eternal Dawn: these dedicants to holiness choose patron seraphim to guide them as they grow ever closer to the Light.

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