Spirit Templar

The sudden arrival of the ch'taren during the War of Night brought with them unexpected fruit: the magics of Spirit. This included its more martial variation, the creed of the Spirit templar. Possessed of both divine and extraplanar power, these new weapons were devastatingly effective against both Void-mages and their demonic servitors. With the end of the War, these techniques spread rapidly throughout Avendar. Ch'taren remain the predominant practitioners of the art, but it has come to be heralded by virtually all mortal races for its immense power.

A uniquely ch'taren class, every Spirit templar stands alone, even when surrounded by friends and allies. They are trained to strike at the heart of the enemy, assaulting even the greatest of foes with relentless efficiency. Demons and shuddeni are common victims of the Spirit templar, as he is able to banish or slay them with devastating skill. Well practiced in defensive techniques especially tailored to their brash style, a Spirit templar rarely fears for his safety even in darkness. Spirit templars favor two-weapon combat, often choosing the spear and whip as his tools of choice.

Spirit templars are uniquely devoted to the forces of good and may be no other alignment. The magics of Spirit in general resonate with chaos, therefore preventing any who study them from being of lawful ethos. The ch'taren deities Rystaia, Calaera, and Vaialos are among the creed's most venerated, with templars often calling upon their righteous fury to stab at the heart of darkness.

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