One of the oldest and most storied professions, thievery has a long history within each of the mortal races. As such, its modern incarnation lifts methods from a multiplicity of roots. It blends the ancient acrobatics of the aelin; the deadly strength of the srryn; the uneven trickery of the nefortu; the murderous precision of the shuddeni; the chaotic whims of the ch'taren; and the theatrical panache of humanity into a union that transcends simple larceny.

Thieves favor the dagger, the sword, and the whip, and wield what suits their personal style. For them, it is less the type of weapon as it is having one at all. Thieves are notorious for their sudden, massive attacks, be they from the shadows or from an unprotected flank. Their preternatural quickness provides them attacks of opportunity others never know, capitalizing on the momentary weaknesses of their foes. However, their ability to simply disappear, loot in hand, may be what makes them most unnerving.

While thieves' guilds have risen throughout the known world, they are as diverse as the races that compose them. Thus, thieves may be of any alignment and may follow any god or none. Virtually all organizations can appreciate the talents of a competent thief, even (or perhaps especially) those that serve the light, or the law. In the end, the most renowned thieves seek both their own inscrutible goals and the contents of someone's coffers.

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