Void Scholar

Born of the shuddeni and their master, Tzet-Askhari, the magics of Void became the binding thread that held their fragile, volatile society together. In the centuries before contact with other races, it was this power which determined who and what directed shuddeni lives. Human scholars, following the lead of such infamous pioneers as the Lilunite Archmage Kaagn, descended into the dark underworld in search of greater power. As the War of Night shrouded the world, the races of the Prime learned to fear the might of the Dragon and its dread minions; in turn, the aelin would take to the study of demonkind, following the direction of their god, Serachel. Even the srryn, by way of Sitheus, found themselves taken by blood pacts and control of the dead. In time, these various threads would be woven together into the modern studies of the Void scholar.

Those who minor in the study of Void typically skirt the primary focus of the sphere, honing instead their simpler maledictions and general magical empowerment. The path of the major sphere squarely focuses on the Void scholar's primary tools: symbols of power. They are used to empower spells, bind spirits, and most importantly, conjure demons from specific locations beyond the Silver Veil. Greater scholars of Void make use of these symbols in a variety of ways-- distinct from one another in how or where they inscribe such diabolic signs.

As a planar sphere, Void magic is not strictly granted by any individual god; yet, it is undeniable that all of its power inevitably derives from the will of Ashur. Other deities that are commonly venerated are Serachel and Lilune, with a less prominent dedication to Sitheus. It is also possible, even likely, that a Void scholar will become enmeshed in the machinations of one of the Thirteen ancient demon lords, and in turn, be called into their service. Regardless, the energies manipulated by this sphere resonate with Lawful and Evil, thus precluding all good aligned characters and those of chaotic ethoi. While shuddeni are the most notorious students of the Void, humans, aelin, nefortu, and even caladaran and ethron, have all found themselves linked to its study.

All scholars have the option of choosing a minor field of study to complement their major, a choice which grants them access to the lesser spells of that sphere. The increased awareness of both forms of magic sometimes lends greater insight into the Art than either alone, allowing for certain 'mixed-sphere' abilities, such as fire and earth combining to form lava.

  • Void/Water: by adopting the mantle of Bahhaoth of the Dead Sea, these magi leech health from ally and enemy to replenish their own.
  • Void/Earth: tapping into the power of the Logor, the City of Iron, these scholars focus on control, punishment, and binding.
  • Void/Spirit: with a rare knowledge of spirits and binding, these dedicants wield otherworldly powers.
  • Void/Air: blending fey purpose and illusion, these fatemasters can inspire doubt in even the most holy of souls.
  • Void/Fire: calling upon the servants of Xthjich, these devotees become his soldiers, shrouding themselves in smoke and breathing fire.

Those scholars who pursue the same minor sphere as major have opted instead to focus their efforts narrowly on one specific branch of magic, forgoing the broader understanding of magic to gain insight into the greater spells of their chosen sphere. Even here there is disagreement and diversity of thought; many masters of greater magic follow distinct paths of research as they delve deeply to gain understanding of the the Art.

  • The Necromancer (Path of the Necromancer) assumes greater control of the dead and undead by becoming a revenant, and uses symbols of power to heighten the strength and attributes of their abominations.
  • The Summoner (Path of the Riven Veil) masters the art of creating pacts with demonkind, able to conjure the mightiest of dark lords to the Prime Material and ravage any who oppose him.
  • The Malefactor (Path of Nightfall) learns to cut symbols of power into himself, and swears his undying soul to demonic patrons who, in turn, grant the scholar vast power to dominate his foes.

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