Void Templar

First rising to prominence during the War of Night, Void templars are a fusion of both dark magics and martial force. Because of its shuddeni roots, they are the primary dedicants of this profession. However, it also has a substantial following amongst the aelin, forming the origin of its famously diabolic ginta. The srryn, too, have taken up the art, forming a distinctly Sithean Sept devoted to seeking its demonic power. The practice has appeal to other races, including both humans and nefortu, giving it particular allure amongst mercenaries.

Although learned in several powerful defensive techniques, Void templars are primarily offensive in nature. They study numerous means of debilitating their foes, both via weapon and spell. A Void templar's signature, however, is his use of demonbound weapons. These nightmarish rites allow him to infuse his arsenal with unnatural speed, strength, or even the ability to leech life from his foes. Much like their counterpart, the Water templar, they focus on the sword and shield in concert. Despite this, it is not uncommon to see a Void templar occasionally employ a whip.

The Void is a power of law and evil, and cannot be manipulated by any who are of chaotic or good mindset. Srryn templars of the Void often follow their outcast god, Sitheus, while it is common for a shuddeni templar to serve Rveyelhi or Arkhural. However, Void templars need not honour any specific god, seeking instead to serve only their own power through pain.

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