The modern watcher is the culmination of a tri-racial melting pot, but its heart belongs squarely to the shuddeni. While the roots of their staff mastery certainly are aelin, as is the desire to oversee one's lessers, it was the eyeless which brought new, and powerful, psychic abilities to bear in its furtherence. Emboldened by Rveyelhi, watchers hold a prominent role in the trade city of Var Bandor, where their headquarters, the enigmatic Office of Records, is located. The nefortu have brought with them a degree of unusual trickery, giving watchers an edge at provoking, or quelling, unexpected conflict. Together, these forces have created one of Avendar's most powerful mercenary guilds.

A watcher's chosen weapon is the staff, and his mastery of its use is beyond all others. While wielding his staff, a watcher is adept at rapid strikes, stunning twirls, and superior deflection. He is also a hunter, able to locate people with remote viewing and delay or weaken those he has caught up with. However, the most insidious weapon in a watcher's arsenal is his affiliation with the monolithic Office of Records, which grants access to information on individuals, from the superficial to the specific. When of sufficient rank, a watcher may choose to add to the Office's collective knowledge, or employ it against those who have earned his disfavor.

The watcher guild is bound by order, as well as confidentiality; therefore, those of chaotic ethoi cannot study within it. Watchers often venerate lawful deities because of their guild's bias in that direction, and have many have sought the Guardians of Law. However, with the coming of Rveyelhi, Tyrant of the Black Staff, the watcher guild has taken on a less upstanding cast, giving its machinations a crueler bent. In the end, a watcher's allegiance is for sale... to those willing to pay.

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