Water Scholar

Encompassing the powers of healing, protection, and knowledge, scholars of this sphere draw their influence from the powers of water. Resonanting with lawful and good tendencies, scholars who are chaotic or evil cannot choose this sphere as a discipline.

All scholars have the option of choosing a minor field of study to complement their major, a choice which grants them access to the lesser spells of that sphere. The increased awareness of both forms of magic sometimes lends greater insight into the Art than either alone, allowing for certain 'mixed-sphere' abilities, such as fire and earth combining to form lava.

  • Water/Earth: a conjuror of these spheres draws upon lawful resonances to ground his magic in powerful forces.
  • Water/Void: with mastery over both life and death, an adept of these magics is not to be underestimated.
  • Water/Spirit: embracing the unity of body and soul, a mage of these arts is rarely unwelcome.
  • Water/Air: an uncanny power over storms and weather makes these magi a seafarer's best friend -- or worst enemy.
  • Water/Fire: through careful study of these opposing resonances, scholars of both gain a unique perspective on all matters thermic.

Those scholars who pursue the same minor sphere as major have opted instead to focus their efforts narrowly on one specific branch of magic, forgoing the broader understanding of magic to gain insight into the greater spells of their chosen sphere. Even here there is disagreement and diversity of thought; many masters of greater magic follow distinct paths of research as they delve deeply to gain understanding of the the Art.

  • Path of the Living Waters: hailed as healers of unparalled skill, these scholars combine a deep knowledge of medicine with the power of life itself to cure most any ill.
  • Path of the Waveborne: immersed deeply in the magics of the seas, those of the Waveborne gain mastery over waves, oceans, and the pure element of water.
  • Path of Wintertide: by focusing on the chill power of ice, these heralds of Winter serve as a constant reminder that water magics can be as destructive as they are restorative.

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