Water Templar

Revealed by Jolinn during the War of Fire, the magics of Water have had an incalculable effect on Avendar. In short order, the rudiments of these spells were applied to combat, as there was little time to save what remained from the rampaging srryn. The Water templar is, therefore, a blend of the military rigor of soldiers and the healing powers of the sphere. Humans and aelin are among the oldest practitioners of this art, but its appreciation has expanded with the passing of ages. The kankoran, for example, find the chill of Water magic well-matched to their native climes. Although some fringe elements of the srryn have embraced the path of the Water templar, they are often outsiders in who toil in the name of Fenthira.

Water templars are bastions of protection, fusing magic and shield to ward those around them. Their characteristic ginta can bring the bite of a winter storm, or suffuse them with the healing power of the seas. These warriors focus primiarily on attrition, as few can outlast a skilled Water templar in prolonged combat. While the creed favors swords, it is not uncommon to see a Water templar choose the spear if the situation calls for it. However, it is rare to see a Water templar separated from his shield, as he can derive more effect from one than simply blocking.

Water resonates with the power of law and good, and cannot be commanded by those predisposed to chaos or evil. While many Water templars honor Jolinn as their patron, they have been equally known to seek the favor of others, such as Iandir. All students of the waves, however, should be mindful of the Lord of the Sapphire Spear's wrath when choosing how best to apply their talents.

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