The World of Avendar

An epic adventure needs an epic setting! The world of Avendar provides such a setting--it is a land of danger, beauty, and mystery. From bustling cosmopolitan centers to remote corners of the world, there is always something new to explore and discover.

To really appreciate the depth and complexity of Avendar, you have to explore the world and experience it for yourself. One of the best places to do this is within the great library of Earendam, where a huge collection of books, parchments, and scrolls are collected.

The resources listed below offer a glimpse of what awaits in the game.

  • RACES - The 10 races found throughout Avendar
  • CLASSES - The 26 classes (professions) available
  • DEITIES - The pantheon of Avendar

  • Areas - The major regions and specific areas of the world
  • Bestiary - A list of many of the creatures found in Avendar
  • Calendar & Feast Days - The dual-lunar calendar and typical cultural holidays
  • History - The creation and origins story for the world of Avendar
  • Houses - Information about the Great Houses that struggle to possess the Stones of Power
  • Magic - Details on the elemental spheres of scholarly magic.
  • Maps - World maps and maps of the major cities.
  • Quests - A list of the quests generally available in the game.

Other Avendar-related fun:

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