The world of Avendar brims with fascinating people, places, and histories.

Table Of Contents

World Lore

The information here will enrich your understanding of the world of Avendar.

An overview of the history of Avendar, with timeline and summary of important periods.

The gods are many, each with their own history that weaves into the broader world story.

The dual-lunar calendar and cultural holidays.


The lore behind the various forms of elemental magic, nature magic, and other supernatural abilities.


A selection of in-game texts.

Play in the World

Below are handy references for playing within the game world, including suggestions for things to do, places to go, and people to meet.

The major regions and specific areas of the world.

World maps and maps of the major cities.


A list of creatures and where to find them, along with suggested player levels for fighting them.

A list of the quests available in the game.

The Great Houses of Avendar and other, smaller organizations.