Players may join existing organizations which provide roleplaying opportunities and mechanical benefits. Great houses have additional responsibilities, while smaller organizations allow more freedom.

Great Houses

The world of Avendar is home to several great and ancient houses. Representing the important political, economic, and moral forces that shape the world of Avendar, each has come to fill its own niche in Avendarian society.

Characters may petition to join houses, offering their services to factions whose interests and beliefs match their own.

Houses each have a center of power located somewhere in Avendar. In each of these locations a mystical vault has been erected, where the houses store their treasures, and focus the energy of the mystical stones of power.

are crusaders for the weak, champions of the downtrodden, and perhaps even destroyers of evil, they are cradled in the hands of the gods of light, and unleashed upon the wicked.

are Practicers of witchcraft and drinkers of blood, slayers of the innocent, even summoners of demons. The dark gods laugh as they ply their evil powers against the innocent, corrupting and tainting all they encounter.

brought order out of chaos, as their God Iandir stood over them in pride as they made cities safe. He spake out the law, and they steeled themselves to enforce his will.

seem bred of a lust for possessions to sate the greed of their god. They are those who strike hard and fast, stealing away with gold, arms, and lives. They are rovers, they are bandits, and they are deadly and swift.

is dedicated to the accumulation of wealth and prestige. Ayaunj the Sterling smiles upon them as they use coin to spread their influence and bring ruin upon their enemies.

Other Organizations

It is possible to join smaller organizations. These have automatic entry, provided you can pay the fee.

Wanderers of Avendar

seek adventure in all places high and low. Explorers and daredevils, the Wanderers reward those members who delve into dangerous locales.

Location: southwest corner of the savannah

Leader: Olnan

Entry cost: 10 platinum

Seekers of Knowledge

are intellectuals, researchers, and champions of knowledge as a key to victory in any sort of challenge. Traveling the world over in order to be more aware and better prepared, they pride themselves on order, on rationality, and on understanding.

Location: west of Corvandil Square, Earendam

Leader: Enha

Entry cost: 10 platinum