Champions are crusaders for the weak, and destroyers of evil. They are cradled in the hands of the gods of light, and unleashed upon the wicked.


The Champions of Avendar are a charitable order whose roots lie in the War of Fire. Established by the great hero, Aramril, it has defended the realm against evil since the dawn of the Republic of Earendam. Renowned for both their bravery and devotion, the Champions are considered the first line of defense against the forces of darkness.



Patron Gods


Champions give heed to three principles:


The only meaningful solution in the war against evil is the destruction of its plans and the elimination of its capacity to harm the innocent. So long as villains are able to meaningfully threaten goodly lives, it is the imperative of a Champion to stop them.


Champions must show courage when facing the darkness. This applies to the lone hero against a horde of enemies as much as it applies to a general directing the forces of the light. A Champion must never allow his fear to dictate his actions; he must remain steadfast in his devotion to his ideals.


A Champion must show mercy to those who meaningfully seek repentance. It is better for a soul to be redeemed from damnation rather than simply destroyed. While this is often difficult, even impossible, a Champion must not lose the strength of his conviction that even the blackest heart might be saved.


Easy Entry

Provided you are good aligned, Champion is easy to join.


Friendship and teamwork are essential to the Champions.


Champions are expected to fight evil, including evil PCs. “Fight” can include attempts to talk, but try not to fall for blatant lies.


  • Level 45 or above
  • Gold aura or above
  • Speak common fluently (100%)

In order to apply to become a Champion, a potential candidate should send a brief note to Champion and to Immortal, explaining how they fulfill the ideals of the house and how they will serve as exemplar of the Light to all goodly citizens of Avendar.


  • Champions of Avendar
    Though sometimes they may disagree on tactics, Champions work together to defeat evil in all its forms.
  • Coven of the Shunned
    These two houses are locked in perpetual war. Not only do they fight on the battlefield, but for the soul of Avendar. Champions will attempt to sway the populace against evil while the Coven simultaneously tempts people astray.
  • Guardians of Law
    Some Champions appreciate the steadying influence of the Guardians, while others might not. Alliances are uncommon, but not unheard of.
  • Merchants of Avendar
    Relations differ depending on the individuals involved. Champions approve of philanthropy, but will put a stop to unmitigated greed.
  • Raiders of Twilight
    As Raiders have no qualms against attacking the innocent, they are likely to earn the Champion’s ire.
  • The Unhoused
    Champions are sworn to protect the innocent; good-aligned characters have little to fear. Neutral characters may have to limit their behavior. Evil characters will be pursued, either with words or force.

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