The Guardians of Law are a noble House now under the protection and guidance of the god Iandir.


The Guardians of Law are generally recognized by local governments as enforcers of peace and order, well-suited to addressing the so-called ‘adventurer problem’. Despite ongoing debates with governments regarding the scope and behavior of members of House Guardian, they are still recognized as the primary solution to graduates of the School of Heroes who engage in disruptive behavior in otherwise civilized areas. Any adventurer who is caught violating the laws laid out by the Guardians are marked for reward, which is granted to any adventurer apprehending the criminal.



Patron Gods


The mandate of House Guardian is to ensure that the laws are enforced; they are expected to watch vigilantly for crime and punish those who transgress against order.


Medium Entry

At your interview, you will be asked questions about the law. Study up!


Guardians are expected to patrol the cities, judge potential crimes, and mark the guilty.


Guardians dole out punishment: death! Be ready to PK criminals.


  • Level 45 or above
  • Familiarity with the law (see: help law)
  • Speak common fluently (100%)

All who wish to join the Guardians of Law should address a note to Guardian and to Immortal explaining in detail how they are suited to enforcing the laws of the land and why they have chosen this route to serve.


  • Champions of Avendar
    Although not directly opposed to the law, Champions frequently ignore it in their pursuit of evil. Lawful leaders of Champion may be open to alliance.
  • Coven of the Shunned
    Alliances between Guardian and the Coven are common, though generally more beneficial to the latter in the long run.
  • Guardians of Law
    Guardians are allied with each other in the thwarting of crime.
  • Merchants of Avendar
    Merchants rely on Guardians to provide protection in the cities. Merchants can put bounties on suspects that got off on technicalities. However, the two houses still compete for Stones of Power.
  • Raiders of Twilight
    Directly opposed to the Guardians, Raiders frequently engage in criminal behavior and often assault Guardians without warning.
  • The Unhoused
    The unhoused are judged on their actions. Reliable people can be deputized. Criminals will be punished.


The origin of the Guardians may be found many centuries ago, when the nobles of the Ipsoli line began offering monetary rewards for the apprehension of the land’s most notorious bandits. This system evolved into a system of laws instituted by the Ipsoli, and a corresponding reward put on the head of any who dared to violate these laws. Eventually the heroes of Order were received by Iandir, who declared that their system was under his divine protection.

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