The Merchants are dedicated to the accumulation of wealth and prestige. Ayaunj the Sterling smiles upon them as they use coin to spread their influence and bring financial ruin upon their enemies.


The Grand Federation of Merchants are a group of like-minded wealth seekers devoted to the acquisition of property and coin.



*True Neutral considered on a case-by-case basis

Patron Gods


While profit is the ultimate goal for its members, the Federation’s rules of acquisition leave significant leeway regarding how each Merchant may acquire their wealth, as well as how they may invest their earnings. Thus, while the social and ethical views of individual Merchants may, and often do, vary widely, members of the Federation are united by their desire to garner personal influence through their wealth. Because of this, Merchants tend to not only possess substantial liquid assets, but also notable business investments and sizable personal estates.

Moreover, as the Merchants’ ventures are intricately tied to the economies of Avendar’s city-states and their power structures, its membership favors the lawful minded. While some who are truly neutral in their dealings might find that their goals align with the house, adventurers who find little interest in order will not be granted partnership in the Grand Federation.


Medium Entry

Merchants are expected to do something with their pile of money. Bring a plan!


Merchant initiates are asked to turn a struggling business around.


Merchants are expected to talk with other PCs, such as offering financial services, or organizing dangerous ventures.


  • Level 45 or above
  • Speak Common fluently (100%)
  • 500 platinum or equivalent investments
  • A plan or overall goal to be achieved with money*

An adventurer who wishes to join the Grand Federation of Merchants should send a note to both Merchant and to Immortal explaining their experiences and aspirations as an adventurer and detailing the sum of their personal financial holdings and business investments. The letter should give a satisfactory explanation as to why these goals and assets might be of interest to the Federation.

* This plan may be subject to approval by the developers. Expect negotiation.


  • Champions of Avendar
    While the houses are not directly opposed, individual Champions and Merchants may have stark differences of opinion. Evil merchants should expect trouble from the Champions.
  • Coven of the Shunned
    When they trade, they trade in bad faith. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but eventually they will break a contract.
  • Guardians of Law
    Guardians protect the cities, providing a safe place to engage in commerce. However, they compete with Merchants for Stones of Power.
  • Merchants of Avendar
    Merchants may have their differences, but will typically seek a mutually beneficial resolution.
  • Raiders of Twilight
    Raiders hoard their plunder in a pit. A pit!
  • The Unhoused
    Free of bothersome political ties, the unhoused are a market ripe for trade.


For centuries, the operations of the Federation were conducted exclusively by the Corvalius family of Gaald and its retainers. However, the current head of house Corvalius has opened the organization’s affairs to partners who share their ideals. Even in light of this expansion, the Grand Federation’s base of operations remains within the Corvalius family’s ancestral manor, near the northern boundary of Gaald.

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